Jason Quartermaine

So this new story I am about to begin all started when Lea (LeaB72) hosted the RTN spoiler free thread in September '09 with her travelogue idea. For any of you who read that short post about the possibility of Jason and Elizabeth meeting in Berlin, Germany during WWII, this is it. I will admit the Prologue has been modified slightly to fit into what I have planned for this AU fic. This first post is not long. It's just meant to be an introduction for what's to happen in the future.

What you all need to know is that Jason is a German serving in Hitler's army, and Elizabeth is a young Jewish woman in Berlin. You will learn more as the story unfolds. I am working very hard to make as much of this story historically correct as I can with the help of my good friend Dana (snoopygubs. I will tell you all that certain aspects involving the time frame of the war will not coincide with this story. It just isn't possible for what I have planned, so I hope no one will take offense at the liberties I make with certain facts, those facts mainly being the time at which they occurred, not the facts themselves.

I will also say that this story is not meant to focus on the concentration camps or other horrific aspects of the war. They will be touched on but not addressed in detail. Also, I am making no assumptions about what happened during WWII; I am doing my best to quote actual historic facts. That being said, I am Jewish and do have strong emotions when it comes to the war. Hopefully, you will all enjoy this story. I am going to desperately try to update this at least once a week. That is my goal, but I can't guarantee it. Oh, and, if any of you wonder, the AJ in this story will be Sean Kanan's version, not Billy Warlocks.

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