The Best Christmas Ever by Roccosmama
Summary: A cute Christmas one shot with Liason and the boys.
Categories: Liason > Alternate History > One Shot Characters: Elizabeth Webber, Jason Morgan
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Chapter 1 by Roccosmama
Jason looked at all the boxes in the living room. Elizabeth had insisted that they were going all out this year. She wanted all the decorations, a ton of presents, and the full holiday spirit from everyone. The last few years had been awful for Jason, not being with her and the boys. Last year was especially hard because of the whole incident with Jake being kidnapped by the Russians.

It had taken a long time for him and Elizabeth to come together, but it all had to do with Cameron. When Jason got that call last spring from the little boy saying that his mommy was crying and that he heard her saying that she missed Jason to a picture of Emily, it was all that it took for him to finally put all of his fears aside and go to her. Cameron had been so proud of himself that he knew that Jason started with a J and that was how he found his number in his mommy’s phone. Elizabeth had been nervous at first, and so had Jason, but they knew that they needed to be together and that they could make a life together with the boys.

Things were safe now and the boys were happy with him there. They were playing near the tree now and Cameron was telling Jake all about Santa and how he brings really good presents. Elizabeth was on her way back from the store. She had insisted that there weren’t enough decorations. He had sent Cody with her to help with anything that she needed.

He noticed them pull into the driveway, “Boys, Mommy’s home.”

Cameron sailed to the door with Jake not far behind. Elizabeth laughed as they wrapped their arms around her legs when she walked in. Cody was just behind her with his arms loaded with bags. Jason took two bags from him and looked inside, “Elizabeth, did you leave any tinsel at the store?”

“I love tinsel,” she explained as she took her coat off, “Are you boys ready to decorate our tree?”

“Yeah!” Two little voices shouted together.

Jason shook his head, “Cody, please tell me that this is all that she got.”

The guard shook his head, “There’s more in the car.”

He followed him outside and helped bring in the final six bags. Cody took off after the bags were inside and Jason started unpacking all the ornaments, “How many trees are we decorating?”

Elizabeth shrugged, “We have the mantle down here and in our bedroom and I thought we could hang some tinsel around the doors of the boys rooms and put some decorations in there as well.”

Jason watched as she helped the boys open the tinsel package and gave Jake one edge of it. He loved the silver sparkle and giggled as he ran to Jason’s lap crawling up to wrap it around his father’s neck. Elizabeth giggled, “See boys. Tinsel. Not just for decoration.”

Cameron wrapped tinsel around her neck, “Merry Christmas Mommy.”

Elizabeth kissed his cheek, “Merry Christmas to you too baby. Should we come up with lists for Santa after the tree is decorated?”

Cameron nodded, “But I already got one present.”

Jason tickled Jake’s nose with the end of the tinsel, “What was that buddy?”

Cameron looked up at him as if he were asking the silliest question, “Mommy is happy because you are here.”

Jason winked at Elizabeth, “That was all you Cameron. You made that one happen.”

Cameron’s smile was so wide, “It was?”

Elizabeth fingered his curly hair, “Yes you did.”

He hugged her, “This is the best Christmas ever.”

Jason couldn’t help but agree. He set Jake on the ground and picked up the angel. He grabbed Cameron and lifted him over his shoulders, “How about you put the angel on top there?”

Cameron looked down at Elizabeth, “Look at how high I am Mommy.”

She picked up Jake and joined them at the tree, “You’re very high baby.”

Cameron set the angel up on top of the tree and stared at her, “She looks like Aunt Emily.”

Jason wrapped an arm around Elizabeth pulling her and Jake close, “Yes she does.”

Elizabeth kissed Jason softly, “Merry Christmas Jason.”

His blue eyes were filled with love as he stared back at her, “Merry Christmas Elizabeth.”

A few of the lights started blinking on the tree and Jake laughed and tried to reach out for them. Cameron looked down at Jason, “I think we need to put on more decorations.”

Jason set him on the ground and grabbed a box of ornaments. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.
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