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Sonny Corinthos may have been young and still new to the business, but he already knew he wasn’t destined to be Frank Smith’s flunky forever. Every time Frank belittled him or yelled at him he told himself he was destined for much bigger and better things. He pushed memories of his miserable childhood away and reminded himself again he had lived through it and made it to where he was by hard work and by his own ambition.

“Sonny? Are you listening to me?” Frank Smith snapped his beady eyes hard.

“Yea of course Frank…it’s just I don’t get what you want me to do,” Sonny said keeping a tight lid on his temper. It wasn’t easy, Frank talked to him like he was stupid and didn’t know anything and it was reminding him more and more of Deke.

“I told you just watch her and don’t let anyone take her…keep her out of sight sort of,” Frank explained turning his gaze to the only other person in the small Bensonhurst apartment Sonny lived in. She simply stared back at him, her dark eyes calm and clear.

“For how long…I mean I can’t take care of her,” Sonny tried again hoping Frank was kidding but knowing he wasn’t.

“For as long as I tell you…that’s what it means that you work for me,” Frank snarled.

Sonny stopped arguing and just nodded watching as Frank grabbed his cashmere coat and stormed to the door.

“Hey wait…what’s her name?” Sonny asked unnerved already by the girl’s steady gaze.

Frank hesitated and shrugged into his coat, “What? Oh yea…Elizabeth…her name’s Elizabeth.”

Sonny winced as the door slammed shut and turned back to Elizabeth, wondering what the hell he was going to do now. He cursed at Frank in fluent Spanish, the language of his mother and for a painful second thought of her.

“What are you saying?” she asked calmly, walking to the dilapidated sofa and sitting down elegantly.

“What?” Sonny snapped, “Oh…nothing…”

“It didn’t sound like nothing,” she insisted.

Sonny ran a hand across his face and wondered again how the hell he had gotten into this mess. He knew he had to do what Frank said but admitted he was in way over his head and wondered how to get out of it without making Frank mad. Suddenly the answer occurred to him.

Picking up the phone he dialed rapidly, “Lois! Good…I need you to come over here…of course it’s urgent…I’ll tell you when you get here…no you won’t believe it…no I’m not kidding…I need you to come over now…well of course I have a problem…no really I need your help…come on Lois I’m serious…no you’re not going to believe it…ok…ok…Frank dumped his kid here and expects me to take care of her.”

Sonny glanced uneasily at the little girl sitting on the sofa staring at him and swore as he hung up the phone and waited for Lois.
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