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Author's Chapter Notes:
The Players-at least the really major ones-
Elizabeth I, Queen of England*
Elizabeth 'Beth' Webber-ward of the Queen, maid of honor-in charge of her Majesty's personal jewels
Jason Morgan-member of the 'Queen's Gentlemen Pensioner's', her personal guard
Elizabeth 'Bess' Throckmorton*-maid of honor, has known Beth since she joined the court at age 4
Walter Raliegh*-captain in her Majesty's Navy, part-time pyrate, secret lover of Elizabeth Throckmorton
November 1, 1588

Torches flickered along the walls of one of the otherwise darkened galleries in Richmond Castle, the Queen's favorite winter residence. On the floors below, cooks and kitchen servants were already awake, hard at work preparing the massive amounts of food needed for All Saint's Day, the beginning of the long, and exhausting, holiday season for the Court. However, here in the rooms that housed the priveledged few that were a part of the Queen's inner circle, all was quiet. As the guardsman on duty looked up and down the corridor, a small flicker of light in the corner of his eye caught his attention. Turning towards the source of the light, he saw the small, slight form of a woman emerge from one of the rooms. The man smirked as he realized who the room belonged to. Master Jason Morgan. Member of the 'Gentlemen's Pensioners', her Majesty's favorite dance and hunting partner, and the biggest rake to hold sway over the nobility since the golden days of beginning of the Queen's reign, when Robert Dudley was the Queen's favorite.

'This one must be special', he thought to himself, 'most of them are shown the door before midnight, if they actually make it to a real bed.'

As the woman passed by him, his heart almost stopped as he caught a glimpse of woman's face. Elizabeth Webber. The Queen's god-daughter and ward, one of her maids of honor. A virgin.

'Well, if she was when she entered, she wasn't when she left...I hope for her sake, nothing comes of this business but pleasure.' he thought with a shudder, 'if her Grace hears of this, heads will roll'

Then he chuckled to himself, 'I suppose the gossip isn't true after all. They don't seem to dislike each other as much as the rumors say they do.'
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