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Summary: This is a renaissance-era fic. The renaissance is probably my favorite time in history, which is why I've spent most of my life as a ren re-enactor. Besides, what girl doesn't like dressing up like a princess, right? Because I love this time period, I am going to try to stay as accurate as I can-while keeping the 'essense' of Elizabeth and Jason-and I will try to add author's notes at the beginning of each chapter to try to answer any questions you might have. And on that note, people, especially in the nobility, married VERY young. Generally to form alliances. Most marriages were arranged, marrying for love was a very rare occurance, the feelings of the bride were not taken into account, again, especially amongst the nobility. As this story starts, Elizabeth is 16 and is already considered by many of her social group to be an unmarriagable spinster, despite her great wealth. If that disturbs you in any way, please feel free to age her in your mind. It won't hurt my feelings.
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1. Prologue by renmommy [Reviews - 1] (307 words)
The Players-at least the really major ones-
Elizabeth I, Queen of England*
Elizabeth 'Beth' Webber-ward of the Queen, maid of honor-in charge of her Majesty's personal jewels
Jason Morgan-member of the 'Queen's Gentlemen Pensioner's', her personal guard
Elizabeth 'Bess' Throckmorton*-maid of honor, has known Beth since she joined the court at age 4
Walter Raliegh*-captain in her Majesty's Navy, part-time pyrate, secret lover of Elizabeth Throckmorton

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