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This is a song title fiction based on the song 'I Turn To You' by Christina Aguilera. I hope you enjoy the story and are feeling generous in leaving feedback. Thank you. I don't own the artist/song, but I do own the story.



Chapter 1

(Jason and Elizabeth Morgan thought they had it all. They’ve been happily married for two years and recently decided to start a family. They both knew they had so much love to give and wanted to share that with a child of their creation. They both told the other they didn’t care whether it was a boy or girl. As long as the baby was healthy and happy, that’s all that mattered. They didn’t know that their dream would be on hold, even possibly shattered when Elizabeth received devastating news from her doctor during a regular doctor checkup)

(Elizabeth and Jason were happily waiting for good news regarding her doctor checkup. They wanted to make sure she was healthy and that nothing was in the way of her becoming pregnant. After waiting in one of the exam rooms, their doctor, Kelly Lee, came into the room with Elizabeth’s chart in her arms)

Kelly: “Thank you both for waiting. Sorry for the wait.”

Liz: (shakes her head) “No problem, Kelly.” (smiles a little) “So, is everything okay? I mean, all the tests came back normal, right?”

(Kelly stares at them nervously and tries not to show her worried face. Jason and Elizabeth both look at Kelly and grow confused by her facial expressions)

Liz: “K-Kelly? I-Is everything okay?”

Jason: “Did something appear in the tests you did on Elizabeth?”

Kelly: (breathes deeply) “Okay, what I’m about to tell you, please keep in mind that we need to do more tests to make sure it’s nothing life threatening.”

(Jason and Elizabeth look at each other worriedly before looking back at Kelly)

Liz: “Kelly, w-what do you mean? What do I have that might be life threatening?”

(Kelly is hesitant to tell her friend as she wants to spare her any pain. Elizabeth looks at Jason worriedly and tightens her grip on him. Jason speaks being it’s clear Elizabeth can’t at the moment)

Jason: “Kelly, what’s wrong with my wife? Just tell us because the faster we know about it, the faster we can treat it.”

(Kelly deeply sighs and she adjusts Elizabeth’s chart in her arms before speaking)

Kelly: “When doing a breast exam on Elizabeth, I felt a lump on her right breast.”

(Elizabeth and Jason look at each other before turning back at Kelly)

Liz: “O-Okay, this tumor you found…it-it’s treatable, right?”

(When Kelly has a hesitant look on her face, once again, Jason speaks for his wife when she has a loss for words)

Jason: “Kelly, please answer her. Is it treatable or is it cancerous? We need to know so we can figure out what to do next.”

Kelly: “When doing the exam, I didn’t feel anything at first, but after doing the rest of the tests on her, I uncovered the tumor. I didn’t wanna scare you when I first did the exam in case I was wrong, so that’s why I asked you if I could perform further tests. To know for sure what we’re dealing with, I will need to perform a mammogram on Elizabeth. That will tell us what we need to know. Now, normally, you would need to make an appointment to set one up, but I don’t have anyone after you for the next hour or so, so I can get it all set up right now if you want?”

(Elizabeth manages to nods in repliance)

Liz: (whispers) “Thank you, Kelly.”

Kelly: “I promise you, Elizabeth, that I will do everything in my power to help you through this.”

(Kelly looks briefly at Jason)

Kelly: “Jason as well. Jason, I know we’re not as close as you and Elizabeth are, but I want you to know I’m here for you.”

(Jason nods and briefly smiles)

Jason: “Thank you, Kelly.”

Kelly: (sighs) “Okay, what I will do first is have you get in a hospital gown from the waist up. I had a feeling you’d want one done right away, so I made sure there was a gown in here already. I will give you time to get into the gown and then I will have you come with me to the x-ray room and we’ll take pictures of the breast that has the tumor and then you’ll be done until we hear the results.”

Jason: “And when will we get the results back? A few days?”

Kelly: (sighs a little) “Unfortunately, with mammograms, it takes a few weeks to get results.”

(Jason looks at Kelly in disbelief and tries to gather his thoughts enough to talk)

Jason: “A f-few weeks? A few weeks, Kelly? A-Are you serious?”

(Jason looks at Elizabeth and then at Kelly and gets angry)

Jason: “How the hell do the results of one test come back a few weeks later?! It shouldn’t take that long! Kelly, my wife’s…your friends’…life is at stake! We can’t afford to wait a few weeks to hear the results!”

(Elizabeth tries to calm down Jason)

Liz: “Jason, come on. It’s okay.”

(Jason shakes his head at Elizabeth and looks back at Kelly and gets more pissed)

Jason: “You’re her friend, Kelly! Don’t you have some kind of pull around here?!”

Liz: “Jason! Listen to me! There’s nothing she can do. Tests like these…they do take awhile. As for the results, you know damn well if Kelly could put a rush on them, she would.”

Kelly: (shakes her head) “It’s okay, Elizabeth. I appreciate you defending me, but I understand where Jason is coming from. If I was in his shoes, I’d probably be pissed, too. We both love you, girl, and to say that you’re both shocked is an understatement. I promise you though that I’m here for you and anything else you may need.”

Liz: (nods a little) “Thank you, Kelly.” (smiles a little) “We both appreciate it.” (looks at Jason) “Right, Jason?”

(Jason looks at his wife and the look on her face tells him to apologize to their friend. He deeply sighs and then looks at Kelly apologically)

Jason: “I’m sorry, Kelly. I-I know you’re just trying to help. I’m just so damned scared that I guess I’m just looking for someone to blame.”

Kelly: (shakes her head) “No apologies necessary.” (smiles a little) “But I appreciate it. Like I said, I’d probably be the same way.”

(Kelly hands Elizabeth her gown and tells her she’ll be back in a few minutes to take her to the x-ray room. While Kelly is gone, Elizabeth takes off her shirt and bra and puts the gown on. When she finishes, her and Jason talk)

Liz: “Honey, I understand you’re upset. I am, too, believe me. I mean, I’m a little scared because of what was possibly found. But going off on Kelly is not gonna help matters. You known damn well she’d do anything to help us. She’s not just our doctor, but our friend.”

(Jason shakes his head and a few tears form in his eyes. He sighs shakily)

Jason: “I-I just don’t want to lose you. You are not only my wife, but my best friend. It kills me to know this is going on and there’s nothing I can do about it. We have more money than we could ever need from my working with Sonny and it doesn’t make one bit of difference in your case.”

Liz: (nodding) “I know, baby.” (smiles a little) “When I’m all better, we can use that money to spoil the kids we’ll have.”

Jason: “I know it sucks we have to put our family plans on hold until we get the results of the test you will be taking. I’m so sorry, my love. I know we were both eager to start a family.”

Liz: (shrugs) “So it’s been put on hold. We will have a family soon. It’ll just take a little longer.”

Jason: (smiles a little) “You’re so much stronger than I am, Elizabeth. I don’t know how you do it.”

Liz: (nervously) “Oh, believe me, I’m shaking on the inside.” (smiles a little) “But it’s knowing I have you that keeps me going.”

(Jason takes Elizabeth in his arms and kisses her forehead)

Jason: “And I will always be here for you. I will always be here for you, Mrs. Morgan. Everyday past forever. I love you.”

Liz: “I love you, too.”

(There’s a knock on the door. It opens slightly and they hear a female’s voice, revealing Kelly)

Kelly: “Is it safe to come in?”

Liz: (nods) “Yep. I’m in my gown.”

(Kelly enters the room and puts Elizabeth’s chart on the counter where the other medical stuff is at. She then looks at the couple)

Kelly: “Any questions or concerns before we go to the x-ray room?”

(Jason and Elizabeth shake their heads in response)

Kelly: (nods) “Okay, then. Elizabeth, you can come with me. Jason, it’s up to you whether you wanna stay here or wait in the waiting room.”

Jason: (shakes his head) “Wherever I will see Elizabeth the quickest.”

Kelly: (nods) “We’ll be back when Elizabeth is done. It may take a little while.”

Jason: (shakes his head) “I don’t care. I’m waiting.”

Kelly: (smiles) “I would expect nothing less from you, Jason.”

(Kelly escorts Elizabeth out of the room. After being gone about a half hour or so, Elizabeth and Kelly return. He immediately stands up and goes to his wife and puts his arms around her)

Jason: “What happens now, Kelly?”

Kelly: “The tests have been taken. Now, we wait until the results come in. I will personally call you when they come in.”

Liz: “Thanks, Kelly.”

Kelly: “I’m sorry about the wait. I hope you know if I had a magic wand, I would have the results for you asap.”

Liz: (smiles a little & nods) “We know, Kel. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.”

Jason: “Thank you for everything.”

Kelly: “I will let you get dressed and then you’re free to leave.”

(Kelly hugs them both before leaving. Elizabeth and Jason face each other)

Jason: “Were the tests okay?”

Liz: (nods) “Yeah. Kelly was there, so she made me feel comfortable.”
Jason: (sighs) “So what happens now?”

Liz: “Now…we wait for the results to come back. It’ll be a long wait.”

(Jason takes his wife in his arms)

Jason: “I will be with you every step of the way.”

Liz: “Thank you.”

Jason: (shakes his head) “No need. I’m here for you, for better or for worse.”

Liz: “This is definitely what you would call ‘the worse’.”

Jason: “Everything will be fine. I can feel it.”

Liz: (nods a little) “I think I can, too.”

Jason: “Come on. Let’s go home.”

Liz: “Okay.”

(They leave the hospital and go home)

I hope you liked the first chapter. The next chapter will take place a few weeks later so we will hear the results of Elizabeth’s mammogram. Please review so I know what you think. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, so I may have gotten some information incorrect regarding breast mammograms for this story. I researched it as best I could and a friend of mine gave me some appreciative help as well. Thank you. If I made a lot of errors in this story, please know that this is a fiction story so I may have changed some things to fit my story. Until next time!

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