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Summary: So this one shot has been sitting on my computer forever to finish. And yes it's based on SmoakandArrow's flash fiction prompts from this summer. That's how long it's been sitting. So I'll honestly say this was not done in 60 minutes but it's still based on the Week 2 prompt Game On. It's a continuation from It's a Jungle in There, but is a stand alone story that can be read even without reading the other. I just want to remind everyone this is AU that takes place after Season 2 where Oliver did get Queen Consolidated back and Felicity is still his Executive Assistant.

I hope you all enjoy this little bit of Olicity fluff.

~ Jules ~

PS. This has not been beta'd so any mistakes are my own so please excuse any you may find!

Thanks for reading! And I know one of these days I'll get someone to write a review
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Published: Jan 06, 2015 Updated: Jan 06, 2015

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