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Jason sat on the bench and stared out over the water. He'd just found out he was a father, then found out the woman he loved couldn't have children and it was all his fault. He sighed heavily and rubbed his hands over his face. He'd come down to the docks to try to figure out how to tell Sam that the baby Elizabeth is carrying was his. He'd been shocked when she finally told him the truth, but a small part of him had felt like it all made sense. He'd been protective of her since he'd heard she was pregnant. He'd known, even after she said that Lucky was the father that it was his responsibility to keep her and her unborn child safe.

Jason squirmed a little inside his own skin when he thought back to the lobby at the Metro Court. He'd seen Elizabeth and Sam sitting together and his first thought was of concern for what Sam might be saying to her. Then he'd been worried when he'd heard Craig tell Elizabeth that all of Sam's demerits would be laid on her. He knew Sam, she'd collect demerits at an incredible pace, she'd be the one to put Elizabeth in even more danger. He'd planned to send Sam out, but if something had come down before he could do it, he'd been trying to put himself into a position where he could get to Elizabeth. Jason hadn't been worried about getting Sam to safety, his one and only thought was that if things went wrong, whether Sam was still in the lobby or not, he was going to get to Elizabeth and save her. What did that say about him?

Jason just shook his head and went back to staring at the water. Did he just automatically believe that Sam would be able to save herself? A harsh laugh barked out of him at that. No, Sam was better at getting herself into trouble and then expecting him to save her. Her being touted as the Everyday Hero, because he got her out of the lobby so she could warn the cops that the room was wired to blow, was pretty humorous. After all, she was the reason they were all there anyway. If she'd kept her finger off the silent alarm then Craig would have grabbed the briefcase and left. No one, not Robin, Max, Father Mateo, or especially Alan would have been harmed. No one would have died in the explosion.

He sighed again, she hadn't meant to cause that much of a problem, but the thing was she had. She'd even admitted to Elizabeth she'd done it so he could ride in to the rescue, although it was subconscious she'd rationalized. He doubted that, he figured she had done it because she wanted to prove to him and everyone else that she was capable. She was, when she followed orders she was very capable. But when she went off on her own, she messed everything up. That night was worse because of her and they claimed she was the hero. Oh well, it kept everyone off his back, who wanted to picture a mob enforcer as some hero?

That, however, didn't deal with his current problem. He hadn't known that her baby was his and he'd planned to rescue Elizabeth anyway. Maybe it was just because there was a baby. An innocent child had needed to be protected. It wasn't until later he learned that the innocent child was his. His baby, HIS BABY! That felt so good, so right, the way it was supposed to be. Why though, why was Elizabeth's baby supposed to be his? And how was he going to tell Sam? How was Elizabeth going to tell Lucky? He sighed again and slumped down on the bench seat.

“You keep sighing like that and you're going to start to hyperventilate,” Sonny said from behind him. Jason looked over his shoulder and glared at his partner. Sonny chuckled and jogged down the stairs to settle himself beside his best friend.

Jason crossed his arms over his chest and continued glaring at the water. His frown just got fiercer as he heard the older man chuckle again.

“You know Jason; you look a lot like Michael and Morgan when they're pouting.”

Jason turned to stare at Sonny and let him know he didn't find that funny. Sonny let out a soft sigh and finally asked, “What’s going on man? I know that Alan's close call really hit you but the man is going to live, as long as nothing else happens.”

“I know Sonny, this isn't about Alan,” Jason growled. He was thankful his father was going to live. When he'd been pulled out of the elevator he'd rushed to the hospital, to see Elizabeth and him. He'd been told the heart attack was too severe; he wasn't going to pull through. Everyone had been shocked when he'd suddenly begun to get stronger, his vitals had stabilized and then improved. There was no medical explanation for it.

Jason had visited with Alan and poured his heart out to him, he wondered if he'd ever be able to do that with the man awake. He'd cheated, the doctor had been unconscious, and verging on sleep when he'd laid it all out there. It felt good though, it felt like he was talking to someone who would listen, try to help him, support him, and give him advice that wasn't for the good of the business. When he'd tried to explain those feelings to either Carly or Sam, they'd told him it was only because he had been afraid he wouldn't be able to save the people he loved like them or Sonny when it looked like Alan wasn't going to make it. The fact that Alan did made him feel more confident and he was grateful for that.

Jason rolled his eyes; yeah that was why he'd been scared that he'd lose the man who fathered him before he actually had a chance to get to know him. It had been years, but he wanted to build a relationship with him. Would Alan be willing though? Could he accept the man that Jason was, knowing the man he'd wanted him to be?

Sonny stared at Jason, then leaned back, and turned his eyes to the water as well. When he'd come down to the docks looking for Jason he'd hoped that his friend would open up to him. He knew something was going on and he knew that Sam and Carly were full of it with all that reasoning they'd done about why Jason was feeling closer to his father. Maybe if he showed him he supported that relationship he'd tell him what was really going on.

“He's your father Jason. The two of you haven't been fighting as much over the last few years; you've come to have some respect for him. Suddenly seeing that he might die, that it was a very real possibility, it affected you. It made you see that you didn't know him very well. You aren't the man you were when you woke up from the accident. You aren't the man you were 10 years ago, or even five years ago. You're much more open and accepting. Now Jason, you're willing to allow the Quartermaines into your life. Don't stress about it, just go ahead, and do it,” Sonny tried to explain.

Jason looked over at him and shook his head, “I'm not sure about allowing the Quartermaines into my life. I mean Alan and Monica yeah, but Edward and Tracy, not likely to happen.”

“I don't know Jason, you're softening, and you’ll let them in, even if just a little,” Sonny mused with a grin. He actually thought watching Jason try to deal with Edward as a grandfather and not as an adversary might be amusing.
Jason pulled his ear and shook his head; he didn't feel like being teased right now, not with everything that was going on.

Sonny shifted on the bench and then looked down at the dock, at his feet. He didn't know how to get Jason to confide in him. How was he supposed to show him that he was there, he was his friend, and he didn't have any agenda?
Jason leaned forward and braced his elbows on his knees. Putting his face in his hands, he shook his head and slumped his shoulders. Could he tell Sonny?

Sonny cleared his throat, “Well, Jase, if there's anything I can do to help you, I'm here, okay,” he said and got up to leave.

“I'm going to be father,” Jason said in a low voice.

Sonny stopped walking and turned to look at him. “That’s fantastic Jase, congratulations. When did you and Sam find out she was expecting?”

“Sam can't have kids; she can't carry the baby to term. Too much damage from when Manny shot her. It’s my fault that she can't have the one thing she wants most in this world,” Jason replied, getting up and walking to the edge of the dock.

Sonny stood behind him puzzling over what he'd just said. Something wasn't making any sense. “If Sam can't have kids then how is it you're going to be a father?”

“She isn't the one having my baby,” Jason said, stalling for time, and hopefully insight.

“Then who is Jason? What’s going on?” Sonny asked him in confusion.

“Elizabeth. The baby that Elizabeth is carrying is mine,” he said heavily.

“What? She said the baby was Lucky's, she said that Spencer was the father. Why are you now saying that you are?”

“She never said Lucky was the father. I'm not excusing the fact that she lied to me for months, but she never said he was the father or that I wasn't. We all said it for her. She came over to tell me and I didn't stop talking long enough. I told her that I already knew, that Carly had told me. I told her that it was better this way. You told her it was better that Lucky was the father. She meant that she expected me to be the father when she said that to you, Sonny. And instead of asking for the name, you just jumped to the conclusion that she thought Lucky would be. Carly thought that since Elizabeth was still working instead of asking me for help then that meant that she wasn't having my baby.”

Sonny stood speechless and stared at the wood under his feet. It was true, he had assumed that Lucky was the father. He had said as much to Elizabeth, but that didn't excuse her not telling the truth, nothing excused that. This was Jason's baby and his friend had the right to know. He walked up to stand shoulder to shoulder with him and then just stared out at the ships in the harbor. He didn't really know what to say to him. Did he say congratulations, offer his condolences, shake his hand, or pat him on the back? What did Sam think of all of this? Sonny opened his mouth to ask that question when Jason began speaking again.

“I have to tell Sam, but I don't know how. I told Elizabeth that I was going to tell her as soon as I got out of the elevator, but that was when Sam gave me her news. And then, I just didn't know how. I don't know how to tell her that even though she can't have a baby Elizabeth and I are. What do I say to her Sonny?”

“Oh man, I'm sorry, I really have no idea. I'm assuming that you will tell her, you have to. But how, that's going to suck. I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry man,” Sonny commiserated.

Jason nodded and went back to staring at the water. He turned his head when he heard footsteps on the stairs and both Sonny and Jason watched as Sam and Carly walked down to the dock together. Both women were wearing huge smiles and came over to the men.

“Hi guys, what are you doing down here?” Sam asked.

“Nothing,” was Jason's response.

Carly gave Jason a sharp look and then turned her attention to Sonny, “I want my divorce Sonny, and I want it now,” she told him.

“Hello to you too,” he said.

“No small talk, I want to marry Jax and the only way I can do that is if you give me my divorce. I'm not asking Sonny, I'm telling you,” she demanded.
Jason rubbed the back of his neck and shook his head. He was so sick of the games these two played with each other. He turned to Sam, planning to take her to Kelly's for some coffee when he was suddenly pulled into the problems of his best friends.

“Tell him Jase; tell him to give me my divorce,” Carly pouted at him.

“I'm not getting involved Carly. I agree that Sonny should set you free, but nothing I say is going to make him do it,” Jason told her softly. He hated to see her torn up like this. She did love Jax, but she still loved Sonny too. The two of them had this habit of turning to each other when the world went to hell around them. But when there was peace and order, they were like poison for each other. He wanted them happy, but was that happiness with each other or was there someone else out there better suited to them.

“See Sonny, even Jason says you have to give me my freedom.” Carly crowed, ignoring most of what Jason had said. She didn't see the enforcer roll his eyes behind her back or see him shaking his head.

“No Carly, he said he wouldn't tell me to do it. And anyway, you don't really want me to. You say you do but you don't. Not after the night we spent together after the MC. Why don't you just admit it, you still love me. You still want to be with me,” Sonny asked her.

Jason led Sam away from the dramatic pair on the docks and walked her to Kelly's. When they went in, he was surprised to see everyone in the place gathered around the TV. Sam had been going on and on about her new life as the spokes woman of Everyday Heroes. How excited she was that they were filming soon and all the different things she wanted to do with it. Jason had tuned her out when she'd repeated herself the third time. He sat down with her at a table but his eyes were riveted to the people standing at the counter, blocking his view of the small TV placed there.

Sam was continuing to talk about the wonderful things in store for her with the help of Amelia Joffe, when Jason gave her an absent minded 'excuse me' and went over to see what was going on. He saw Spinelli sitting at the front of the crowd with his laptop open, typing away furiously. Jason pushed himself through the crowd and got closer to the TV as someone reached out and turned it up. A news announcer's voice boomed through the room.

“The police are chasing a car of suspects down Route 22. They have gained on them and closed the gap to 100 yards. The erratic driving of the suspect car is raising some concern for the other drivers on the highway. We have been informed by our Traffic correspondent that the road is icy and these high speeds are dangerous.”

Jason watched as the unmarked police cruiser fish tailed on the road as it went around the car in front of it. He glanced over at Spinelli and saw that he was hacking into the police station computers. Reaching out and placing a hand on his shoulder he waited until Spinelli turned to look at him before shaking his head no. He couldn't allow him to do that with all these witnesses. Spinelli removed his hands from his computer and placed them in his lap, turning his attention back to the TV on the counter top.

“This just in, the men in the suspect car are firing on the officers; they seem to be shooting out the back window. One of the officers in the cruiser is returning fire. All access to Route 22 has been blocked, cars are being ordered to clear the road and use the exit ramps as soon as they can. We have no ide--” The news announcer's voice broke off as everyone watched the live action report in horror.

The front tire of the police cruiser had just been blown out; one of the men in the lead car seemed to have gotten off a lucky shot. Suddenly the rear of the cruiser began to fishtail all over the road. A collective gasp went up in Kelly's when it suddenly went into a spin and then flipped upside down; sliding down the road on its roof, a shower of sparks shooting up from under if as the metal scraped down the road. From the angle of the helicopter camera, you could see approaching police vehicles arriving to assist in the chase.

No one said anything as the scene continued to play out before them. The car was spinning on its roof now, crazily continuing to careen down the road. A few small screams went up from the group when a body was suddenly thrown from the cruiser and slammed into the pavement at an awkward angle.

All noise in the diner receded from Jason's consciousness as the helicopter paned the road and moved in on the plain clothes police officer lying there. He distantly heard the announcement from the TV as the announcer read off the name they had received as to the identity of the man lying in the road.
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