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Jason couldn't believe he was standing in the emergency room once more waiting for news. The information he had was sketchy at best. One of Morgan's guards had called right before he'd gotten into the ambulance with his charge. Lane had said Morgan was fine, but things were bad and Jason needed to get to the hospital. Jason didn't know what Lane had meant, but he was confident no harm had come to Morgan and he told Carly that when he called her. They had once again beaten the ambulance to the hospital where the nurse had confirmed Morgan was uninjured. The nurse, however, had refused to give information about the other two victims or their conditions. Jason finally sat next to Carly.

"Incoming!" The nurse at the desk yelled and the room filled with personnel. He and Carly stood as the doors flung open.

Within seconds EMTs came barreling through the doorway pushing a gurney. "Victim is Michael Corbin, early 60's, 2 GSW's, one to his left thigh, one to his chest. We had trouble stabilizing him at the scene and moved him as soon as safely possible. We're going to need blood for him," and as they passed the curtain to enter cubicle two, he added, "and for her."

He felt Carly turn toward him, but he had turned back to face the doors. His gaze was now riveted on the woman who had followed the gurney in. Elizabeth was holding Morgan close to her chest with her arms wrapped around him and his legs around her waist. Her face was pale, but determined. Jason's eyes darted to the guard behind Elizabeth, but were soon back on Elizabeth at her declaration when Nadine tried to take Morgan from her.

"You can't have him!" Her shaky voice was loud even in the busy room. Everyone within reach of Elizabeth stopped in surprise. Elizabeth's voice broke as she continued in a quiet voice, "I promised him."

Nadine seemed at a loss and turned to Epiphany as she approached. Epiphany sent Nadine to check on Mike and motioned for Carly and Jason to approach slowly.

Epiphany stood directly in front of Elizabeth and gently grasped Elizabeth's upper arms. She began to rub up and down slowly. She made sure to look Elizabeth in the eye since Elizabeth was well on her way to being in shock. Her voice was calm and reassuring.

"Elizabeth, we need to check both you and Morgan out. I know you promised to be with him, but we need to take care of the two of you. His mom is here, Elizabeth." Epiphany turned her head and Elizabeth's eyes followed the movement to rest on Carly behind Epiphany.

"Carly knows you took care of Morgan and she just wants to check for herself." Epiphany continued to slowly rub Elizabeth's arms. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she watched Carly. Her gaze never left Carly as she shifted her head so her mouth was next to Morgan's ear. Elizabeth dropped her eyes as her tears fell. She whispered to him and he nodded his head where it was buried under the left side of her chin. He lifted his head, kissed Elizabeth on the cheek and turned to reach for his mother. Carly's face was wet as she cradled her son to her and turned to thank Elizabeth. Before she could there was a flurry of activity and concern as the nurses noticed a lot of blood on the side of Morgan's shirt. Jason turned to Elizabeth when he heard her voice.

"It's not his blood," and as her knees gave out she slid towards the floor. Jason caught her right before she hit and his eyes were riveted on her blood soaked shoulder where she had obviously been shot. He remembered the EMT's words about her needing blood and it made own own run cold.

Elizabeth instinctively knew it was Jason holding her and she grabbed his jacket by the lapel even though her hand was attached to her injured right shoulder. She was trying to get closer to his face, but the pain was making it difficult. He realized her intent and lowered his face to hers.

"Jason," her voice was strained and desperate, "the boys....at Patrick's....protect them." Her head dropped to his shoulder and he tried not to panic, at her words or at her condition. As he reached the gurney in the cubicle he laid her down on it. He ran his hand over her hair, kissed her forehead.

"I will," he whispered. He paused, the lump in his throat to large to speak over. He cleared his throat. "Don't forget I love you. I'll be back soon."

Elizabeth's hand suddenly snaked out and had a handful of his t-shirt in a death grip. Her eyes sought his and the fear in them almost took him to his knees. She spoke one word before her eyes slid shut and she was wheeled away.

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