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Jason stood in the elevator and studied the mark on the wall; it was a burgundy color and seemed to be a little wet. Reaching out a finger, he pressed it against the mark and when he felt liquid, he pulled it to his nose to smell. Jerking his hand down he pulled out his gun, moving in front of Carly and Courtney. The two guards in the elevator pulled out their guns as well, moving in front of Sonny.

All conversation stopped as Sonny asked, “What is it Jason?”

“Blood,” was all he said.

Nodding his head sharply Sonny motioned the woman to the back of the car and he moved back behind the guards more. Everyone tensed when the elevator dinged; announcing they’d reached their destination. Jason and the guards raised their guns, leveling them at the doors as they started to slide open. Once they were completely open, the women gasped at the smear of blood down the penthouse door in front of them. Following it, Jason stepped out of the elevator and traced the blood from the door to the table in the foyer to the wall again. It lurched across the hall to the wall beside him and around the corner. Moving slowly he edged around the corner and dropped his gun towards to the floor aiming at what was there.

Suddenly shaking his head Jason yelled, “Elizabeth,” and shoving the gun back into his waistband he ran forward and dropped down beside her. Putting a finger to her neck, he felt for a pulse, shocked when he found one. There was blood and bruises covering almost all of her body and her clothes were torn so badly they looked like they’d been clawed at.

Sonny and the women appeared at the corner with Max and Milo behind them. Jason looked up and yelled, “Open the door,” while scooping Elizabeth gently into his arms and rising to his feet. By the time he was standing, Max was there with the door unlocked and standing open waiting for Jason to enter.

Striding quickly through the door he looked around, knowing that he needed to put her somewhere that was easily accessible and with good lighting. Nodding his head he said, “Get a cushion off the couch, and clear the balls off the pool table, I’m going to lay her there.”

From the door, Courtney said, “But what about the felt Jason, she’ll get blood all over it.”

Barking back over his shoulder he stated, “To hell with the felt, it can be replaced, Elizabeth can’t.”

Max and Milo cleared the pool table top quickly and Jason laid Elizabeth down as softly as he could. The hardness of the wood under her elicited a groan anyway when he pulled his arms away. Leaning over her Jason said, “Elizabeth, can you hear me? Elizabeth you’re safe now, you’re here with me, can you hear me?”

“Jason?” she whispered on a soft moan.

“Yeah Elizabeth, it’s me, it’s Jason. I’ve got you, you’re safe now, I promise.”

“Jason they found out, some of them found out. They plan to use it against Sonny. They didn’t listen to me when I told them that he doesn’t know, they didn’t care,” she moaned.

Sonny stepped forward when he heard his name but stayed silent, motioning the same to Carly and Courtney when they looked like they wanted to speak. He frowned and wondered what his enemies had found out to use against him and how Elizabeth could possibly be involved. Studying what he could see of her he looked over at Max who nodded wordlessly at him on his way to guard the door with his brother.

Jason leaned closer to Elizabeth as her voice was fading. Holding his head close to hers he asked, “What did they find out Elizabeth?”

“I told them and told them that he doesn’t know but they just wouldn’t listen to me. I finally found a way to escape, I couldn’t let them blindside him with this,” she whispered.

“What did they find out Elizabeth, what do they know that they can blindside Sonny with?” he asked again.

Turning her head towards him and whispering so softly that she was practically breathing the words she said, “That I’m Sonny’s daughter.”

Jason pulled his head back quickly when he noticed that her shallow harsh breathing seemed to still and then her chest just fell like a punctured balloon and her head flopped all the way to the side.

Jason stared at her for a second before he yelled, “Elizabeth, NOOOOO!” as he felt for a pulse. No one in the room moved as Jason leapt on top of the table and began to do mouth to mouth and chest compressions. Looking up he ordered, “Call a doctor!” then went back to work.

Carly ran to the door and pulled it open, ordering Milo to get the defibrillator from the kitchen, there were five in the building this floor happened to have one of them. Sonny moved forward and said, “He’s already been called Jason.”

Jason frantically worked on Elizabeth, closing his ears to everything else going on in the room. He was no longer aware that Carly or Sonny were there, that Courtney was watching him or that Max had entered the room carrying the machine that had a chance to save Elizabeth’s life. He didn’t know that there were tears on his face as he tried desperately to bring her back again.
He was brought back to himself when Max touched his back and handed him the defibrillator, watching as Jason tore the rags of Elizabeth’s blouse from her and put the pads in place. Letting it charge he leaned over to once again give her mouth to mouth not even aware that he snuck a kiss in. He didn’t know it but Max did.

Finally the charge tone sounded and Jason depressed the button. Watching her body jerk and rise with the current, he frantically pressed a finger to her neck. Thankfully a weak pulse could be felt. His body seemed to deflate with relief and he closed his eyes in thankfulness.

The room was silent until Sonny finally asked, “What did she say Jason, did Elizabeth tell you what my enemies have on me?”

Jason nodded his head slowly, “Yeah she did.”

“Well?” Sonny asked when it looked like the other man wasn’t going to say anything else, “what did she tell you?”

Looking up at him Jason said, “She’s your daughter.”

The room was completely silent as everyone digested what Jason said. Carly was the first one to speak, “What is she talking about, she’s his daughter? I know she’s been roughed up pretty bad but is she delusional?”

Courtney shook her head back and forth, “She must mean that for some reason they think she’s Sonny’s daughter, not that that makes anymore sense. Elizabeth doesn’t know what she’s saying, that’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense.”

Sonny stared at Jason and saw the way the other man’s eyes couldn’t leave Elizabeth for more than a couple of seconds. Stepping over so he could stand beside him he asked, “What exactly did she say?”

“Just that, that they found out but wouldn’t listen to her when she told them you didn’t know. She told me that she’s your daughter when I asked what they knew that you didn’t,” he told them, holding his hand lightly around Elizabeth’s wrist as he kept a connection to her and monitored her pulse at the same time.

Sonny stared down at the young woman in front of him and tried to make sense of what Jason had told him. He blinked when the other man suddenly pulled off his own shirt and laid it over Elizabeth. Turning to study her again a thought worked its way into his mind as he realized that she looked a little like his mother around the eyes. But instead of the beautiful coffee brown color of Adele’s, Elizabeth’s were sapphire blue. Looking over at Jason he simply said, “I want Bernie on this right now, we need to find out what’s going on and who did this to her.”

Jason nodded his head and pulled out his phone. Calling their man he told him what was going on and what Elizabeth had said. Bernie promised to get back to them as soon as he had something and hung up. The door opened and Jason turned his head relieved to see that the doctor had finally arrived.

As soon as the man saw Elizabeth on the table he ordered Jason to carry her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Nodding his head he gathered her into his arms once again and carefully carried her across the room and up the stairs. Carly turned away from them and looked at her husband, seeing the look on his face she swallowed hard and looked up the stairs, what hornet’s nest had just opened?
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