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Jason paced the small studio for the fifteenth time since Diane had called. Nikolas had paid Elizabeth’s bail so that Ric wouldn’t be harder on her. It had killed him to go to Nikolas for help, but he was surprised by his answer, “Emily wants me to do this.” Jason wondered what he meant, but he didn’t have time for that now, all that mattered was that Elizabeth was free, for now.

Thinking back to the other afternoon when they came to take her away. He could still taste her skin, feel her body beneath him. She must have known what was going to happen, that had to be why she was so desperate to see him. He could hear her cry, telling him that she didn’t want to lose him and the boys. She begged him to claim Jake and raise him. She said that she wanted him to adopt Cam so that her sons would grow up together. He promised her that he would prove to her that she didn’t run Sam down. She pulled him to her for another kiss when they heard Lucky’s voice at the door.

“Elizabeth, open up. I know you’re in there.”

Jason kissed her one more time and moved for their clothing, “Let me handle him.”

Jason watched as she quickly dressed, “No, please let me deal with him.”

Jason grabbed her hand before she left the bedroom, “You are not going alone.”

Another bang on the door drew their eyes from each other, “The house is surrounded Morgan, so don’t think about sneaking her out.”

Jason’s blood boiled. How could that coward ever claim to have loved Elizabeth. What did he think that Jason would do open fire on cops with Elizabeth possibly ending up the target instead of him. The fool proved to be a bigger one every day. Elizabeth’s grip tightened on Jason’s hand, “Please Jason, take care of my sons.”

Jason cupped her jaw and kissed her deeply as Lucky Spencer pounded on the safe house door. Releasing her lips finally he gave her what she wanted, “I will do everything that I can to keep the boys safe from all harm. But we won’t have to wait for you because you are not guilty and I will prove that to everyone, including you.”

He watched as she held her head high and opened the door, never letting go of his hand. They were all there, Lucky Spencer’s posse of law and justice. Jason could have spit in all of their faces. Any fool with an ounce of brain matter could figure out that Elizabeth hadn’t done this. The hateful glare on Lucky Spencer’s face when he looked down at Elizabeth made him Jason’s enemy for life. This woman had allowed him to play father to her sons. She had married him and gave up her own happiness for him time and again, and for what? He was arresting her for hitting the woman who watched their son get kidnapped and who hired men to attack Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake in the park.
Detective Harper stepped forward. One of two men on the PCPD that Jason had any faith in, “Elizabeth, we are here to take you down to the police station to question you about Sam McCall’s hit and run.”

“Are you placing her under arrest?”

Lucky’s glare transferred to Jason, “What business is that of yours?”
Jason ignored Lucky and continued to look at Harper, “No Mr. Morgan, we are not arresting Ms. Webber. We do need her to come with us though.”

Elizabeth squeezed his hand even tighter before releasing it, “I’m okay. “ She walked towards Harper, ignoring Lucky completely, “If I’m not under arrest though, why do you have so many people here.”

Harper glanced at Lucky before answering her, “We were led to believe that Mr. Morgan would put up a fight if we tried to take you in.”

Lucky reached for Elizabeth’s arm and it took all Jason had in him to not knock him down for it, but Harper interceded, “I think it’s best Detective if you let me handle Ms. Webber.” He blocked Lucky from touching Elizabeth with his own body, “Mr. Morgan, will you be calling anyone to meet us downtown.”

“Diane Miller will be waiting for you, and I will be following you to make sure that nothing happens to her.”

Elizabeth walked back to Jason and rested her hand on his arm, “Please, go take care of my children. Don’t let anything happen to them. I don’t want any trouble, please Jason.”

He had wanted to kiss her so badly, but he knew that Lucky would only cause more problems for her if he did. He watched as Harper led her to his car and as the other police left the area. The only one left was Detective Lucky Spencer, the most incompetent ass on the face of the earth. Jason heard his voice from behind, “You better not touch my son.”

Jason turned towards him as the cars filed out of the driveway, “Whose son would you be referring to Lucky?” Jason could have cared less at the tightening of Lucky’s fists and to prove it stepped right up to him, “If you think that I am going to let you take my son and his brother and let Sam McCall play house with them again you’ve got another thing coming to you.”

“Sam and I are over. Besides you think a judge is going to give you those boys. They don’t even know you. Your own son looks to me as a father, while you’re just a complete stranger to him.”

Jason took one step closer to Lucky, “No more. By this time next year, Jake will have no idea who you are. And Lucky, I’m going to do the one thing you weren’t man enough to do. I am going to adopt Cam and give him a real father.” Jason grabbed his jacket and keys and reached for the door handle, “And Lucky, if you go near Elizabeth even once while she is in that station, I will personally stand front and center the day they strip you of your badge for good. I’m sure that while Maxie has gotten over what you involved her in, Mac probably hasn’t forgotten a single thing.”

After leaving he had done as he promised, the boys were now safe in their home, but this time with a nanny and guards. This wasn’t the life that he wanted for them, but now it was theirs and he would see to it that he made it up to them every single day of their lives. He had already begun in the small ways with making dinner, reading stories and playing with them. The one thing that he couldn’t do was to get their mother out of jail sooner. Diane had told him that Elizabeth had insisted on confessing that she believed that she was the one to hit Sam. Alexis had been so bitter that she held up the bail hearing for an extra twenty four hours to punish Elizabeth. Jason had to ask Sonny to call Ric for help. Fortunately for all of them, Ric seemed to be harboring guilt for what he had done during Jason’s trial and he returned to Port Charles and held a bail hearing first thing in the morning.

He wanted to be there, but Diane thought that might be problematic due to his history with Ric, so he went to Nikolas. He had never gotten along with Nikolas, but when Jason asked him for help and told him why, Nikolas never wavered. Jason didn’t even have to tell him that he didn’t believe that Elizabeth was innocent. And now she was coming here. He would definitely take her home, but they needed to talk first and he figured that wouldn’t get done if they went home to the boys first. He told Diane to have Elizabeth come here to meet him and that they would go home after. He needed her to know that Monica had been told about Jake being his son and that he was going to adopt Cameron. As always, Edward had been eavesdropping and barged in with Alan’s will leaving most of the estate to Jason’s children. Then Edward stated that he would be doing the same since Ned and Dillon had abandoned the family and Tracy was a thief. It had all been overwhelming, especially Monica’s reaction to Elizabeth’s confession of guilt over the hit and run. She kept asking him what would happen to the boys.

His pacing brought him back to the window and down below he saw the chocolate brown curls that could only belong to Elizabeth running across the docks towards the studio. He ran to the door and opened it waiting for her to come up the stairs. As she rounded the third flight she flew into his open arms, “Jason, I have so much to tell you.”

“I do too. Come in here. I want to look at you. Are you okay?”

She took off her scarf as he undid the buttons on her coat and helped her remove it, “God, this place has so many memories for us.”

He led her to the couch and they sank down together before he pulled her into a deep kiss. He was desperate in touching every part of her mouth when he heard her sigh into him. He grabbed for the bottom of her shirt and began to pull it up when she stopped him, “Jason, we have to talk first.”

“Diane said that Ric understands that you fell asleep and that he is going to try and work a deal out for you.”

“But they don’t have to do that anymore.”

Jason stopped trying to take her clothes off, “What do you mean? Did someone else come forward?”
Elizabeth straightened her shirt, “I went down to the station after the hearing to tell Detective Harper about Sam’s roles in Jake’s abduction and her hiring those men to attack me and the boys in the park and your mother was there.”

Jason rubbed his brown, “I told Monica about Jake and our plans for Cam. I said that I wasn’t supposed to go down to the courthouse that could be why she was there.”

Elizabeth reached for his hand and kissed it softly before continuing, “Did you know that Monica had been drinking since Emily’s death?”

“I heard Tracy say something about it the hospital and I mentioned it to Monica, but she denied it saying that Tracy was just bitter.”

“Tracy was probably bitter knowing her, but she was also right. From what Monica said she started drinking after Alan’s death and it had gotten worse after Emily died. She didn’t know how to get past the pain without it.”

Jason stood up and began pacing the room again, “So it was Monica that hit Sam then.”
Elizabeth nodded, “She was scared to come forward. Afraid of what would happen.”

Jason looked at the steel door he had placed there to protect Elizabeth and pounded his fist into it, “What have I done to my family?”

Elizabeth walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, “None of this is your fault Jason. You didn’t take the MetroCourt hostage and cause Alan’s heart attack, and you certainly didn’t do anything to cause Emily’s death. Remember I was there when you brought her down to the stables and begged her to stay there.”

Jason hit the door again, “But I was supposed to protect her.”

Elizabeth stood between him and the door, “No one on this earth can truly protect another person when danger is hell bent on finding them Jason. You should know that. Emily didn’t die because you weren’t there at that moment. Think of all the lives you’ve saved in your life.”

Jason looked up at the ceiling trying to swallow his tears, “But I destroyed the Quartermaines Elizabeth. I did it slowly, but surely, starting with AJ.”

“Listen to me, I’m not saying that you never did anything to hurt AJ, you were brothers. But AJ is ultimately responsible for his own actions and you are most definitely not responsible for his death either. I know that you are not some innocent man, Jason Morgan, but I do know your heart and I am not going to let you take on this guilt.”

Jason pushed her curls from her face, “I haven’t seen your hair like this in a long time.”

She laughed, “Well they don’t exactly allow hair straighteners in lock up.”

He twisted his finger into one of her curls, “I’m sorry that you had to spend two nights in there.”

“Well Sam was just being her old, spiteful self. But the truth was Jason that even I didn’t believe that I wasn’t guilty of it and that day I was planning on turning myself in, even though you didn’t want me to.”

“That’s what I love about you. You have a good heart.”

Elizabeth curled up against him, “If you want to go down to the PCPD for your mom you can. I can walk home from here.”

He kissed the top of her head, “No, I want to take you home. I will go there after the boys get the chance to see you.”

She locked her sapphire eyes onto his, “Do you mind if we go now then?”
He leaned down just over his lips, “I don’t mind at all. Besides I have every intention of finishing what we started on the couch there.”

Elizabeth ducked under his arm and got their coats, “Good because I can’t wait. And another thing that I can’t wait for is to show the whole world that I love you and that you are Jake’s father.”

“Don’t forget Cam’s too now.” Jason helped her with her coat and kissed the back of her head, “You have to promise me something though.”

“I would promise you anything.”

He slid on his leather jacket, “I don’t want our boys to grow up and have the same problems that AJ and I had.”

Elizabeth touched his cheek, “There are never any assurances in this world Jason, if there were you would have never been in that accident, my parents would have actually raised their own children, Alan, AJ and Emily would be here today. But instead of looking at all the loss and tragedy, I choose to look at all the love and joy that comes from the sadness. Because if you hadn’t had that accident and my parents hadn’t dumped me off then you and I might not have ever met, then where would we be?”

His ice blue gaze softened, “I guess we wouldn’t be here.”

“No we wouldn’t. And frankly, the thought of not having you to go home with and those two little boys to go home to makes me shudder at how lonely my life could be. I will tell you one thing though, with you as their father, giving them all the love I know you have to give I can’t imagine them growing up to be anything other than the best of friends.”

Jason smiled as he took her hand, “Ready to go home?”

She offered him a dazzling smile, “After you.”

Jason stopped as she locked the door, “I forgot I brought my motorcycle. I hope you don’t mind.”

Elizabeth squealed with delight, “You did!” She reached up and kissed him impulsively, “I haven’t gone riding with you in so long.”

Jason chuckled as she raced him down the stairs, “So then you still like to ride.”

She raced ahead and reached the bike before him. He loved the flushed look on her face. It was the same flush she had after he made love to her. If he had known that all those years ago, he would have done more than taken her riding, “So what route should we take?”

She pulled his face down for her kiss, “You know what road to take.”

“Ah, the cliff road.”

“Mmm… hmm….” Elizabeth melded her mouth to his and he could taste the excitement on her lips. She couldn’t wait for this ride. And he couldn’t wait to hear her scream as he whipped her around the curves on that road.

“Come on then before it gets too dark.”

He climbed over his bike and watched as she hopped on the back and placed the helmet over her head. He started the bike and felt her laugh reverberate through his back. This was going to be one long torturous ride and he couldn’t wait.
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