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Diane nibbled at Max’s ear, “So where is this secret rendezvous point that you were telling me about?”

Max drove along the wooded strip of road, “It’s a safe house that Jason set up to meet with… Uh I said too much. Forget that.”

Diane sat back against the passenger seat, “I am going to forget it, especially if it is anything that is hypothetically illegal.”

“No, it’s just a place that he took Elizabeth so that they could spend time together.” Max blurted.

Diane’s jaw dropped, “You are taking me to another couples love nest. Max, I may not be afraid of Sonny and would have no problem taking over anything that he thinks belongs to him, but Jason is another story. He is the one that allegedly kills people after all.” She stressed.

“Don’t worry they don’t go there anymore.” Max glanced at her, “Not after Michael.”

Diane looked out the car window, “That’s too bad, I really like her. She has a simple, motherly grace about her that could definitely use a makeover, but such a lovely girl. And far more discreet than Sam McCall.”

Max snorted, “You’re telling me. I was respectful for Jason’s sake. But what she and Mr. C. did to Mrs. C. that was just wrong.”

Diane narrowed her eyes as she turned to him, “I grant you Max that what they did was awful and unforgivable, but I will warn you that I have no intention of playing second fiddle to Carly or any woman for that matter.”

Max pulled into the driveway and settled his hand on her thigh, “Trust me Ms. Mill… I mean Diane, you are more than enough woman for me to handle.”

Diane smiled as she cupped his face and pulled him in for a kiss, “You delicious man.”

They got out of the car and hurried towards the house.

Jason had been playing his last conversation with Elizabeth over in his head for days. He kept hearing her yell at him, “Why does it always have to be my choice Jason?”

He kept seeing her in the hospital and it was killing him. He wanted to hold her, have her hold him. He missed the smell of her hair, the feel of her breathing while he held her in his arms. He wanted to talk about Jake and everything he was doing, share pictures of the boys with her. More importantly he wanted to feel that hope and believe in a better future that he had whenever she was around.

He waited for her to round the corner. Watching her over the last few days he knew exactly what her route was, on her way back from rounds she would stop at the nurse’s station and then when it was time for her break she walked past the elderly lady’s room that seemed to have no family visiting her to say hi then she would make her way to the staff lounge.

He was waiting just before that corner that led her to the lounge, the one that he knew she would pass any minute. He’d tried to speak to her in Michael’s room the other day, but he couldn’t find the words. He had them now.

“Jason, is everything okay?” She was finally there.

He gulped down his fear, “I need to see you. I want to see you at our place.”

She searched his eyes, “Are you sure?”

He nodded slightly, “When does your shift end?”

“Four o’clock.” She answered.

He walked past her and brushed his lips along her cheek as he left her, whispering in her ear, “I love you.”

Elizabeth hugged herself as she entered the staff lounge. She found her lunch in the fridge and with shaking hands placed it in the microwave to warm it. Jason came to her. It ran over and over in her head. He wanted to see her at their place. She called down to daycare and asked if they could watch the boys for a few hours more. She looked up at the clock and realized that in three short hours she would be alone with Jason for the first time in weeks.

It was actually three rather long hours for both of them. The found each other in the garage. Jason motioned to his car for her to follow him. He kept looking in the rearview mirror to make sure that she didn’t change her mind. Meanwhile she watched his every turn so that he couldn’t change his and lose her.

They arrived at the safe house and saw a car in the driveway. Jason recognized it as Max’s instantly. He told Elizabeth that Max often came out there to check on things for him. She offered to leave and come back after Max left in case there was business. Jason pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, exploring every corner of her mouth with his tongue.

“You are not going anywhere. Besides Max isn’t stupid, he knows about us. He’s just smart enough to keep it to himself.”

Jason led her into the house and he called out for Max, when a head popped up from the couch, “Uh, hi Jason.”

Jason looked confused, “Max, what the hell! Where are your clothes?”

Elizabeth held back a laugh as Diane Miller’s head came up from below Max’s, “Would you to mind giving us a minute to, um, collect our things?”

Jason gasped, “Diane? Max?”

Elizabeth tugged his arm as she dragged him back outside breaking into a fit of laughter as she closed the door, “We might want to find another place to meet. Looks like this one is already in use.”

Jason squeezed his eyes shut to block out the image of Max Giambetti naked, even more on top of a naked Diane Miller, “I think you’re right. I never want to sit on that couch again.”

Elizabeth’s laugh subsided, “Does this mean that we are going to try and be together then?”

Jason wrapped her in his arms, “I’ve missed you more than you can know, so as long as we never come back here and have to relive what we just saw in there, then of course we will find a way to be together again.”

Their lips met in a kiss. Elizabeth didn’t care where they went as long as they could be together. And she also decided that once the current wave of danger and violence eased she would bring up his proposal again, maybe even with one of her own. But right now she needed to find someplace for them to be and this was no longer it.

The front door opened as Max and Diane came out still tucking in various articles of clothing, “Jason I am so sorry about this. Ms. Miller and I thought that we….”

Diane put her hand on Max’s arm to stop him, “Jason, we are consenting adults who have nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you must know that Sonny of all people is handing out memorandums as to who can and cannot carry on an off the clock relationship with whom. Now we both apologize to you and you Elizabeth for ruining what was obviously going to be a private sojourn of your own.” She glared at Max, “But we suggest that if we keep your secret meetings, well secret, that maybe you could do the same for us.”

Elizabeth held back more laughter as Jason looked at Diane as if she were insane, “Listen Diane, I don’t really care what you and Max do off the clock just so long as you get your respective jobs done when you’re on the clock. And don’t worry about us saying anything to anyone. I don’t really know how I would explain that anyway.”

“Thanks Jason.” Max said.

Elizabeth’s smile was so wide it was starting to hurt her cheeks, “You know Jason and I were just discussing how inconvenient it is for us to come all the way out here. So why don’t the two of you keep this place for yourselves and we will just find someplace else for us.”

Max and Diane looked from Elizabeth to Jason and back at each other. Jason didn’t know if he should be annoyed or amused at their obvious excitement.

Diane pushed Max back inside, “Get back in there and get those clothes off now.”

Jason threw his hands in the air, “I’ll meet you at my penthouse.”

Elizabeth smiled at Diane, “Max is a really great man.”

Diane watched Jason walk away, “And that tall drink of water isn’t so bad either. You better scoot girly, or he might just get a call from Sonny and ruin your afternoon.”

Elizabeth pointed at Diane and winked, “Good point.” She started to turn towards her car and stopped, “Diane, by the way, that shower in there really is big enough for two.”

Diane chuckled, “I already know that.”

The end.
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