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“What a cute little devil.”

Elizabeth leaned down to Jake, “What do you say?”

He turned his bright blue eyes up at the older woman, “Thank you Mrs. Baxter.”
Cameron was waiting patiently for his brother, “Come on Jake let’s get to the next house quick.”

Elizabeth laughed as she watched her boys run from door to door. Cameron had made her a promise that he would look out for Jake and help him. She held the flashlight along the ground to make sure that the boys could find her. She allowed Cameron to pick out a bright red strobe light at the Halloween store along with his ninja costume. Jake was five now and he loved the idea of being a devil.

The weather was perfect. She was able to wear jeans and a t-shirt out tonight. It had rained earlier in the week so she was happy that the weather turned favorable for this night. She saw her friend Moira out with her kids, “Jessie is such a cute little frog.”

Moira nodded towards Jake, “That devil costume is so adorable.”

Elizabeth had to agree. She was glad that she decided to pin the tail up though, she could just see Jake tripping over it. She walked with Moira for a while watching the kids run from house to house. She couldn’t believe that Cameron was nine already. He was a very good big brother too. She noticed one of the bigger kids try to push Jake out of the way and saw her son help his younger brother up the steps to the house.

She neared her own house and turned up the driveway saying goodnight to her friend. The boys ran ahead to the front porch and yelled “Trick or Treat.” She saw little Emily run to the door giggling as she opened it for her brothers. She had gotten tired after three blocks and grandma offered to bring her back to the house. Elizabeth walked inside and saw the boys dumping their candy out.

She kissed Emily’s head, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to get the witch bowl.”

Jason met her in the living room, “Oh I got that.” In one arm he had the bowl that they combined all the candy in each year and in the other arm he had Allison resting against his shoulder. She still couldn’t believe that it had been four years since he found her in the hospital. They watched Robin and Patrick bond with baby Georgiana. She finally told him what she really wanted, “Jason that should be us. We should be able to have that too.”

She was sure that he would turn away from her again, but instead he pulled her close. They had sat vigil with Robin’s family for days as she lay near death. To see her come back for her daughter and Patrick seemed to affect Jason as well. She knew that he was tired of the business and that he wanted to be part of Jake’s life and finally he made the right sacrifice.

The only people that knew where they lived were Audrey, Monica, Edward, Nikolas, and Robin. To everyone else Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber disappeared one night never to return to Port Charles. They’d packed up the boys and drove south until they found a quiet little town to call home. They liked the pretty tree lined streets of Summerville and the weather was near perfect. The only thing that Jason missed was the snow, so every year they drove north to Virginia for a long weekend of skiing.

He had taken to the domestic life better than what she imagined. There were very few days when she saw the strain in his face that he’d lived almost daily with in New York. He’d opened a motorcycle shop and she found a job at a doctor’s office. No one that they met here knew what their lives had been like. And that was a gift. People had been afraid of Jason and now they smiled at him and offered him cups of coffee. She laughed at one Christmas party when a neighbor gave them a gift basket with some of Sonny’s coffee in it.

They dug through the candy to make sure everything was safe and then it was time to get the kids settled down for the night. Monica offered to watch the kids if they wanted to get some fresh air. They took her up on it. With four children at home, they didn’t get much opportunity to be alone. Jason reached for her hand as they walked outside.

“Did you have a good time with the boys?”

She smiled as his fingers curled around her’s, “It was great. And Cameron did a great job with Jake.”

She could see his relaxed smile as they came along the river, “Good. I told him that if he looked out for his brother we’d go for a bike ride out to the lake tomorrow.”

Elizabeth saw where they were headed and continued to allow Jason to take the lead, “That sounds like fun. He loves it when he gets to go with you.”

“I love it too.” Jason pulled her down on the swing overlooking the river. They sat for a long time looking at the river and enjoying the warm breeze that drifted around them. She leaned her head against his shoulder as they swung together. She could feel the vibration of his voice against her cheek as they talked. They laughed about things the kids had done and talked about their plans for the weekend. It was a long way away from all the danger that kept them apart for years.

Jason wrapped an arm around her, “You know what we never did?”

She shook her head, “No what?”

He leaned against her and whispered, “We never took a honeymoon.”

She laughed, “That was because by the time we got married I was already pregnant with Emily.”

“And now we have Allison. But you know Monica is planning to stay with us through Christmas so I was thinking that maybe we could finally take one.”

Elizabeth sat up and stared at him, “Are you serious?”

Jason smiled as he pulled out very old tickets, “Why don’t we trade these in and finally take that trip.”

Elizabeth cupped his face, “You mean Italy?”

He ran his hand down her side, “I mean Italy.”

She leaned into him. Her lips hovered just above his, “No backing out?”

Jason shook his head slightly as his face drew closer to hers. His lips brushed hers as he spoke, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

She kissed him in the moonlight. The swing stopped as it deepened and Jason laughed, “We should probably get home so that we can plan this thing.”

Elizabeth stood and held out her hand for him, “Let’s get to it then Mr. Morgan.”

Jason laughed as he followed her home. She loved the sound of it. She loved the way he always seemed to smile. She loved the attention that he paid to their children. She loved that she could have him with her every day. She loved that this was her life.
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