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Jason carried Cameron upstairs. He and Elizabeth had to unpack the car, but first their sleeping boys needed to go to bed. He watched Elizabeth take Jake into his room. Thankfully she had thought to bring pajamas with her to the Quartermaine’s for the boys so that they wouldn’t have to change them when they got home. He had been dreading spending Christmas Eve with his family, but it was surprisingly calm.

Edward had gone out of his way to spoil the boys, but it was worth it to see how big their eyes got at all the presents under the tree. It took over an hour for them to open them all. At one point they all laughed when Cameron announced excitedly, “I just don’t know what else to open. This is the best Christmas ever.”

Monica had also bought more presents than she needed to, but this was her first Christmas knowing that Jake was her grandson and she had insisted that she be allowed to spoil both boys. There was one special gift that she had made for Jason and Elizabeth. She had put together a photo album of pictures that she had of them with Emily through the years. They all shared laughter and tears as they remembered her.

Jason settled Cameron on the bed, “What about cookies for Santa?”

Jason looked down at him, “I thought that you were sleeping.”

The little boy raised himself up on his elbows, “If I don’t put out cookies for Santa then he won’t come.”

Jason tousled his hair, “Well, when you put it like that I can’t argue.”

Elizabeth leaned in the door, “The cookies are on a plate on the counter, all you have to do is put out some milk.” She zipped up her coat, “Why don’t you and Jason take care of the cookies and I will start with the car.”

Jason lifted Cameron from the bed, “I can do that why don’t you help him.”

She shook her head, “No way, Cameron’s been wanting to do that with you. Haven’t you?”

He nodded his head before leaning it against Jason’s shoulder, “Are you sure?”
She took off down the stairs, “Yes. Now hurry up before he falls asleep for the night.”

Jason watched as she made a trip out to the car. He brought Cameron to the kitchen and handed him the plate of cookies before getting the glass of milk for Santa. They brought it out to the living room and set everything down. Jason reminded him that Santa couldn’t come to the house until everyone was tucked in their beds.

“Like the story at the hospital?”

Jason lifted him effortlessly, “Just like the story at the hospital.”

Cameron yawned loudly, “Okay.” Elizabeth brought the first load in from the car and kissed Cameron’s cheek. Jason took him back upstairs as she continued her work. He told Cameron the story of his first Christmas with Elizabeth again and soon the little boy was asleep. He found Elizabeth bringing in another load of presents from the car.

“Okay, now you’re done and I will get the rest.” She didn’t argue as she took off her coat. It took him three more trips to get everything inside, but it was finally done. He found her putting toys away in the den that she had turned into a play room for the boys in the back of the house. He laughed watching her survey the room with her hands on her hips, “You’re thinking you need a bigger room than this, aren’t you?”

She flashed him a dazzling smile, “I just don’t know where to put everything. Plus we still have the presents that we got them and Gram is coming tomorrow afternoon for dinner and Carly called and said something about presents that she and Jax had bought in Australia.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder, “The only thing I know is that we still have a tree to fill up and stockings to put together and I would like a few minutes to just relax with you, so what do you say we leave the organizing until after tomorrow.”

She relented and they went to work getting the presents that she had carefully wrapped and had hidden in the basement under the tree. It took much longer than they imagined making sure that everything looked perfect. Jason brought the bags for the stockings out and they filled those with treats and little presents for the boys. Elizabeth filled Jake’s, “You know the stocking was always the best part of Christmas. My parents would leave them on our beds and we would wake up first thing and have our stocking there, and that was how we knew that Santa had come.”

Jason listened as she talked about other family traditions that she had shared with the Webber’s. It was so seldom that she talked about her family. She knew his family and he had no real memories of his own childhood so it was nice that there were some traditions that they could possibly pass down to the boys. He asked if she had left Cameron’s stocking on his bed in the past. She laughed as she described what he could expect the next day. There was no way that Cameron would even realize that his stocking was on his bed, instead, they could be certain that he would hurdle himself from his bed to theirs in no time and announce that Santa had come without even going downstairs. Jason couldn’t wait.

They finally had everything done and collapsed on the couch together. They looked at the album that Monica had made again and shared more memories of Emily, “This would have made her happy.”

Jason kissed the top of Elizabeth’s head, “Yes it would. She would have been so excited to tell me that she knew all along we could have this family.”

Elizabeth stood up and reached for his hand, “We need to get to bed before I fall asleep here.”

Jason turned down the lights and looked one last time at the tree illuminated by the moonlight. It was nearly three o’clock in the morning and he could only imagine how soon the boys would be up. He pulled Elizabeth to him as they crawled into bed. He could feel her falling asleep against him. Her voice drifted up to him lazily, “I hope you like what I got you.”

His eyes closed. Sleep was coming fast upon him, “All I want for Christmas is you.”

“Right. Thank you. Good.” She mumbled against his shoulder.

He laughed softly, “Good night.”
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