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Jason watched Maxie as she slept on Spinelli’s bed with the boys. She may have been a trouble maker, but she came to help as soon as she could. Jason was grateful knowing that he could do what he needed to do and that Cameron and Jake were safe. He closed the door softly and addressed Tommy, “Don’t leave this door.”

“I won’t Jason.”

He walked downstairs to talk to Frances, “Is everyone in place?”

He stood from his perch of watching Spinelli work, “Everyone is where they are needed Jason. I promise you that nothing will happen to Cameron and Jake.” Jason turned to Spinelli as Frances patted his shoulder, “I’m really sorry Jason.”

Jason felt the lump in his throat constrict. She had been gone for three days. Everyone assumed that she was dead because Lucky Spencer saw her get on that boat. He didn’t want to believe it, but he was starting to lose hope. Spinelli still hadn’t come up with one single lead.

He closed his eyes as he remembered the rage that Lucky showed when he told him that Elizabeth was dead. He started screaming at Jason in the hospital that it was because of him that she had been in danger. He’d asked over and over why Jason just couldn’t leave her alone. He’d wondered the same thing himself. He knew that his life was dangerous, he knew all of the risks, but still he couldn’t stop himself. He loved her, and not just for Jake, for everything. She was everything to him.

Spinelli looked up at him as another search failed to locate her, “Not here either. I will try again though. If the Fail Elizabeth is out there the Jackal will find her.”

Jason needed to get out of here. Everything had happened so fast. As soon as he had confirmation that Elizabeth was gone and that his enemies did know about her and Jake he went to get the boys. Lucky and Audrey tried to stop him, but Diane was there with a court order. It seems that paternity test wasn’t so easy for Spinelli to delete. The judge had no cause to remove Jake from Jason’s custody and he also felt that it would be in the worst interest of the boys to be separated at this time.

He brought them home, not knowing what to do when Spinelli brought Maxie by. Jason figured that even though she truly cared for Spinelli and showed a very sweet side to him, that she would be less inclined to take care of the boys. But she was more than happy. Both boys took to her immediately. But Cameron kept asking for Elizabeth and Jake turned to the door every time it opened looking for her.

Audrey had called earlier and left a message that Elizabeth’s memorial service was tomorrow and asked if he would let the boys come. Jason still didn’t want to believe that she was dead. He found Cody in the hall, “When did you get here?”

He was out of breath, “Just now. I have some information.”

Jason felt his blood pump faster, “What?”

Cody spoke in a hush, “I overheard Johnny Zacchara say something about seeing Sonny go to an old asylum that he had locked him up in. He told his sister that he wanted to find Sonny there and kill him. Leave him for dead locked in a padded cell like he tried to do to Johnny.”

Jason had gone to Sonny for help with Elizabeth, to see if he had any information, but he didn’t. He told him how sorry he was and that if there was anything that he could do he would. He’d seemed so sincere talking about Kate and what she went through. Now Jason wondered.

“Sonny wants this business back. But I don’t want to believe that he would be willing to do something to Elizabeth to get it.”

Cody didn’t look so sure, “I don’t know Sonny that well, but Jason, something is off. And I am having a hard time believing that they recovered all the bodies from that ship explosion, but Elizabeth’s.”

Jason dug his keys from his pocket, “That’s because she probably wasn’t still on it when it went up.” Jason ordered the guards to watch the penthouse. No one was to get in and they should be shot on sight if they try. If the cops came they weren’t allowed to enter until Diane was here.

He and Cody took off to find Johnny Zacchara. It wasn’t too hard since the younger man had become a regular at Jake’s in recent weeks. The place was much more crowded than usual so Jason went to the bar. Coleman offered his condolences, “So sorry man. That Elizabeth was a beautiful sweet lady.”

Jason thanked him, “I’m looking for Johnny Zacchara.”

Coleman pointed him in the direction of the back of the bar. Johnny was staring at him when he turned. Jason approached him and looked around to make sure that no one was listening, “I hear that Sonny has been visiting that old hospital again.”

Johnny scoffed, “You mean the one that he held me in?”

Jason’s blue eyes pierced his, “I didn’t know that he had you. I am sorry that he did that and I had known I would have stopped him.”

Johnny straightened in his chair, “I believe you. You unlike that bastard are a man of your word.”

Jason leaned on his hands bracing on the table, “Is there any chance he has someone there now?”

Johnny saw the desperation in his eyes. He had been waiting for Jason to come to him. If he went to him that would have been an act of war against his sister’s husband. His father would have punished him in some way for ruining his plan. But Jason Morgan came to him. He stood and grabbed his coat, “Let’s find out.”

Jason followed Johnny out of the town. The old hospital was dark and looming ahead of them. It was near dawn when they got there and Jason could feel that something bad was about to happen. He called Max and Milo before leaving the car. They left Sonny when he went to work for the Zacchara’s. They had been back with Jason for weeks and had been working very hard to protect the boys. He ordered them to get to the penthouse and keep everyone safe. He knew that the boys would be protected. He’d made the arrangements that if anything happened to him they went to Monica, but he couldn’t get over the ominous feeling that something tragic would happen.

They moved quietly, following Johnny’s lead. Jason was trying to keep the route they were taking through the hospital in his head, but he was starting to get turned around as they ducked in and out of hallways. He looked back at Cody and could tell that he was doing a better job at keeping their route together. Jason was too busy worrying about Elizabeth and whether he would find her.

He was starting to think that this was a trap. The Zacchara’s wanted him out of the way and maybe they had recruited Johnny to do it. They had worked together well in the past when things were on the line, but this time he didn’t feel that he could entirely trust the younger man. He’d already lost too much and if Johnny was helping his family then Jason could be in danger too.

He heard a familiar voice coming from down the hall. A dingy yellow light lit up the corridor and Jason watched as Sonny gave orders to a guard, “Make sure that she eats this. And remind her what is at stake.”

The guard looked uncomfortable, “Mr. Corinthos, she seems like a really nice lady. She has kids, do we really want to do this.”

Jason could see the smile that spread across Sonny’s face, “Andy, Jason Morgan is frantic with looking for her. He will do whatever it takes to bring home the woman he loves and reunite her with her sons. Just remind her that if she gives us any trouble one of the boys will end up here with her.”

“He has those boys under tight guard though.” Andy argued.

Sonny patted his shoulder, “But I’m his friend, he would let me in.”

Jason came around the corner with his silver gun trained on Sonny as Cody and Johnny followed with their guns aimed high, “Not anymore. Now open the door.”

Andy raised his gun as Sonny tried to calm Jason down, “I knew that you were there Jason. I have been working the Zacchara’s to get control of their business. I was doing all of this to help you.”

Jason’s face turned to stone as he stared at Sonny, “Open the door.”

Sonny tried to argue but before he could Johnny fired a shot and hit Sonny in the leg, “Now Andy, you know she doesn’t belong in there so open the damn door.”

Andy fumbled for keys and opened the door as Sonny lay bleeding at his feet. Jason stepped over his body and rushed into the room. It was cold and dark in there. She could see that the padding was blowing. She had opened a window. He ran to the wall and pulled the padding back. There was no way a man could have climbed through that window, but Elizabeth was small and she could have made it.

It was snowing again and Jason shoved Andy against the wall, “When did you last check on her?”

“A half hour ago, she was in here. I swear I didn’t do anything with her.”

Cody grabbed Jason’s arm, “She broke out, we can find her.”

Jason turned from the man and left the padded room. He saw Johnny staring down at Sonny, “You know that worse for him than death is going to prison right?”

Johnny’s face turned into a deep smile, “That is good to know.” He leaned down to Sonny, “I guess you’ll live here in hell, before you actually meet the devil.”

Jason left them there. There was nothing left for him to discuss with Sonny. All of the years that he protected Sonny’s family and knowing that he could do this was making him sick. He’d told him about Elizabeth and Jake to keep them safe if he went to prison. He’d thought he could trust him and that the woman that he loved would always be safe even if he wasn’t around because his friend would look after her.

He and Cody ran out into the early morning light. They didn’t know if there were other guards around so they communicated with hand signals. They went off in different directions. Jason ran through the woods blindly. He’d never been here and once he found Elizabeth he wasn’t coming back. She just had to be okay. He ran harder than he ever had in his life. Stopping to check and see if she was hiding behind rocks and trees. He came to a steep slope and had to stop himself from going over the edge. He saw someone below. She had dark hair and that was all that he could see.

He didn’t realize that he was screaming her name until he was nearly down the side of the ridge. He was shouting to her, he was here he would bring her home. He saw the blood on the rocks from the woman’s head, but this wasn’t Elizabeth. He rolled over Claudia Zacchara. Her lifeless black eyes stared back at him. He laid her down gently. He had to remember how he got here. Johnny helped him find Elizabeth and he would make sure that he could bury his sister.

Jason looked around trying to get his bearings. It was cold and Elizabeth would look for some kind of shelter. He turned around looking for the next place to go. He ran off to a clearing. He didn’t know why, but he felt that somehow that was the right place to go.

He ran out and saw a cabin at the far end of the open field. He knew that being out in the open made him an easy mark so he followed the tree line. The cabin was dark, but he had to look. As he drew closer her saw smoke rise from the chimney, someone was there. He just prayed that it was Elizabeth.

He stepped onto the porch as quietly as he could. The curtains were drawn closed as he approached the door. He turned the handle and saw that the door was locked. He took a deep breath. If it was her voice on the other side of the door then she would let him in. If it was someone else’s he would continue searching. He knocked on the door, “Elizabeth. It’s me. If you’re in there let me in.”

He heard the door unlock and she threw the door open and flew into his arms, “You’re here.”

Jason couldn’t speak. All he could do was hold her as he walked inside and kicked the door close with his foot. Her face was buried in his neck and she clung to him tightly. He didn’t want to let go of her. He breathed in the scent of her. She was so cold so he brought them closer to the fire that she built.

She began kissing him feverishly. She felt so alive in his arms that he knew he couldn’t stop her for either of their sakes. She unzipped his leather coat and slid her arms around his back. He pulled her closer wanting to warm her. Her lips traveled to his sandpaper jaw while Jason’s hands ran down her body. She wasn’t injured, but she was still taken from him and that would never happen again.

Her hands were cold as they traveled underneath his t-shirt. He should stop her. Take her home to the boys; make sure that she was safe away from here. But again, as always with her, he couldn’t stop himself. He shoved the sweater she was wearing down her arms and shrugged from his own coat. They stripped impatiently while they continued to reach for each other. There was a couch in front of the fire and Jason laid her down gently upon it.

His eyes blazed into hers, “I love you Elizabeth.”

Her hands rounded his back guiding him into her, “I love you. I knew that you would find me, I knew you would never give up.”
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