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The ice cold water closed around her. Elizabeth closed her mouth and breathed out in a rush as her head sunk into the harbor. Her hand was pulled up roughly as Jason brought them to the surface. They were on the north end of the island, where the harbor was the deepest. Jason helped her swim to the rocks, she looked up at the looming castle above and realized how truly close she was to death. Fortunately Zacchara didn't realize in the dark storm that this particular parapet hung out over the water.

"Elizabeth." Jason wrapped her up in his arms trying to warm her, "Elizabeth, talk to me."

"I...I'm fine." She curled her arms against him trying to soak up what warmth his body offered her. She was beginning to wish that had chosen the dress with long sleeves. She looked up and down the coast, "Jason, there's a boat over there."

Jason followed her line of sight then scanned the area for any enemies, "It has to be here for Zacchara's crew."

Elizabeth stood and started walking towards it, "We could take it and use it to get everyone off the island."

Jason ran after her and grabbed her around the waist pulling her into a rocky cave. He whispered in her ear, "There's someone coming."

Jason trained his gun on the approaching figure. As the man drew closer to the cave Jason spoke very low, "Get behind me."

Elizabeth peered out into the night, "Jason, don't shoot him." She ran out into the storm, "Jax we're over here."

Jason followed her out, "Where the hell is Carly?"

"She's on the boat already with Jerry." Jax noticed that they were both soaking, "I think there's blankets on there as well."

Jason put his hands on her shoulders, "Go with Jax and get back to town."

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Jason's waist, "I don't want to leave without you. Please Jason, come with me."

Jason closed his eyes and held her tightly, "I have to stay. I can help here."

Elizabeth looked up at him. She was still shaking from their fall, "Jason, we need you. Jake needs you."

He pushed her wet hair away from her face, "I will come back to you I promise."

She grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, "I love you Jason Morgan. I need you to come back to me. If you don't then I am coming back here for you."

Jason helped her onto the boat and looked at Jax, "Don't let anything happen to her."

Jax shook his hand, "She will be safe with me. I will protect her the same as Carly."

Jason knew that Jax would. He saw Maxie and Georgie Jones racing towards the launch, "Wait. Is there room for us?"

Jason and Jax helped them on the boat before unhooking the moorings. Jason watched from the shore as the boat disappeared across the harbor. He prayed that Elizabeth would make it safely across. Jax had given him the guns that were on board, he now could fight fire with fire. He grabbed his small arsenal and set about to end this terrible night. He needed to get home to his family.

Elizabeth sat at the window in the boat watching miserably as Jason ran into danger. She didn't want to leave him, but she also knew that if she had stayed he would have been distracted trying to keep her safe. Maxie brought her a blanket, "Looks like you could use this."

Elizabeth wrapped the blanket around her cold arms, "Thank you."

Maxie took a seat next to Georgie and Elizabeth could hear the girls whispering. She was glad that they were safe. They were both so young and even though Maxie had worked to destroy her first marriage to Lucky, the girl still didn't deserve to die at the hands of a psycopath. Carly approached her, "How are you?"

Elizabeth shuddered uncontrollably, "I'm fine."

Carly sat down next to her, "No you're not."

Elizabeth scoffed, "I don't really feel like arguing with you right now."

Carly cautiously grabbed her hand, "He will come back. He's knows that if he doesn't I'm going to kill him."

Tears fell from her eyes, "Emily told Nikolas tonight that they would grow old together."

Carly squeezed her hand, "I am so sorry that you lost your best friend."

Elizabeth wiped her tears away, "You're probably the only person here that can understand that. I just can't believe it Carly. I had just talked to her about planning her wedding."

Carly's own eyes filled with tears, "What you did for Nikolas, that is what she would have wanted."

Elizabeth nodded, "I pretty sure Jason thinks Nikolas killed her."

Carly shook her head, "Everyone is in shock. Jason knows better than that. Zacchara did it."

Elizabeth saw the docks of Port Charles come into view, "Will you wait here with me for him?"

Carly nodded, "I'm not leaving until they all come back."

Mike met them at the docks and helped Jax take everyone off the boat. "Mac is going to be so happy to see the two of you." He pulled Georgie and Maxie from the boat. Max came rushing forward, "Mrs. C, you're safe."

Carly motioned back to the boat as she helped Elizabeth climb onto the docks, "Max, help Jax with Jerry."

Ambulances came rushing to the docks to help. Mac Scorpio ran down to the docks to his daughters, "Thank God you're both safe."

Elizabeth turned on him, "Why didn't you come? Emily's dead and she could be alive right now if only you had come. I heard Jax talking on the boat to Jerry, they begged you to help and you said that it was too dangerous."

Mac walked over to Elizabeth, "Emily's dead?"

Elizabeth screamed at him, "Yes she's dead. And yet again the PCPD stands by and let's Jason take on all the danger himself. He saves everyone during the MetroCourt crisis, he rescues my son and now he has to singlehandedly stop murderers from killing everyone on Spoon Island. And why because it is too dangerous for the police to come to the rescue." Elizabeth pointed right at his face, "If I lose Jason too, I will forever hold you directly responsible."

Mac implored to her, "I wanted to go out there Elizabeth. If it had been safe...."

Carly interrupted him, "Jax and Jerry were willing to go back, so please don't give us your excuses. Elizabeth is right. You always want to blame Jason for ever terrible thing that happens in this town, but as soon as all hell breaks loose somehow he seems to be the only one to get things under control again."

"Carly, Zacchara is Sonny and Jason's enemy. He's there for them."

Carly turned from him, "Why don't you go and tell Monica Quartermaine that her daughter is dead and that instead of you trying to help save innocent people you left her son to go after a mad man."

Elizabeth looked out over the harbor. She couldn't see Spoon Island from where she stood. The storm seemed to swallow it up. The people that she loved were out there. She had a sudden realization that she should have never left Jason behind. She couldn't get over the feeling that the man she loved wouldn't be coming home. Carly was standing by her side when she saw the flash across the harbor. Something had exploded, but where and who was involved. She turned to Mac and yelled, "When are you going to do something. Are you going to just stand there until everyone on that island is dead?"

She heard a boat approaching the docks. She saw another come up behind it. One by one the guests from the party unloaded out onto the docks. She heard Monica come running down the docks, "Elizabeth where is Emily?"

Elizabeth saw Lucky walk off the boat with her best friend's body. She turned to Monica as Emily's mother saw her daughter. She caught her as Monica ran towards Lucky, "No, no, no." She sobbed into Elizabeth's arms, "That's not her. Tell me that's not her."

Carly and Jax helped Elizabeth hold Monica back, "I'm sorry Monica."

"What happened to her? Who did this to my daughter?"

Carly choked as she whispered into her ear, "It was Anthony Zacchara."

Monica's back straightened as she glared at Carly, "Zacchara? Sonny and Jason's enemy. You're telling that my son's life killed my daughter?"

Elizabeth defended Jason, "He tried to keep her safe."

Lucky stood before Monica with Emily in his arms. Monica reached out and touched her cold cheek. She swallowed her tears, "Lucky, we need to get her out of the rain."

Lucky followed Monica up the docks. Sam approached Elizabeth with Nikolas. Sam glared at her rival, "I wonder if you'll have the guts to be with Jason now."

Elizabeth ignored Sam, "Nikolas, what can I do for you?"

Nikolas stared at her and smiled, "I'm sorry Elizabeth, I meant to ask you to dance tonight. You looked so lovely and Emily insisted that I make sure to dance with you. I hope that you had a nice time though."

Elizabeth hugged him, "I love you Nikolas. I promise that everything will be okay."

Nikolas squeezed her tight and sobbed, "We are both alone now. I couldn't save him for you."

Elizabeth looked into Nikolas' blank stare, "Couldn't save who Nikolas?"

Sonny climbed off the second boat after Patrick and Cooper removed Ric, "Elizabeth." He took her from Nikolas' arms, "There was an explosion."

Elizabeth felt the panic rise in her chest, "I saw it. Where's Jason?"

Sonny couldn't bring himself to look into her eyes. She heard Carly cry out behind her. She refused to let her tears fall, "Where is Jason?"

Sonny choked back, "The last time I saw him he was running into the house, right before the explosion. He's gone."

Elizabeth slapped Sonny, "You are a liar. Jason is coming back. He said that he was coming back. Jake needs him."

Sonny tried to embrace her, "Elizabeth, I promised Jason a long time ago I would look out for you and the boys."

She shook her head, "I don't need you to take care of me and my children. Jason is coming back. Do you hear me Sonny, he is coming back." She turned to Carly, "Tell him that he's coming back. You heard him promise me. You know him Carly. He is coming back."

Carly turned to Sonny, "Are you sure?"

He nodded as Carly turned to Jax for support. Elizabeth sank into the bench. Kate sat down beside her, "He was a very brave man."

"He is a very brave man and he will come back."

Kate looked up to Sonny, "We could take you home. I am sure that someone could pick up your children."

Carly snapped at her, "She's coming home with us. Jason would want me to take care of her."

Elizabeth held her head up high, "I don't need anyone to take care of me. Jason is coming back. I just need to wait here for him."

Nikolas cheerfully spoke up, "I can wait with her. Emily is going to be coming back from the island soon. She might be hungry and then we can maybe go and get some breakfast together."

Elizabeth looked up at her dear friend. She realized waiting on the docks for Jason wasn't going to accomplish anything, but taking care of Nikolas is what Emily would want her to do. She knew that Jason was coming home, she just needed to wait for him. Right now though she needed to focus on Nikolas, "We could get some breakfast. Are you hungry?"

Nikolas shrugged, "Maybe we could go start something for them."

Elizabeth stood and took Nikolas' hand. She started to walk away when Sam spoke up, "He should be with his family now, not you."

Elizabeth's eyes flashed with anger as she glared at Sam, "You've known Nikolas what, a few years? I've known him since I was teenager. Trust me when I say that Emily would much rather have me care for him than you."

Elizabeth looked to Carly, "Would it be alright if Max drove us?"

Carly nodded, "Max, can you help her?"

Max led her and Nikolas to his waiting car. She told Carly and Sonny before she left, "He is coming home. He's Jason. He would never leave the people that loves."
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