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The sun was setting on the small Italian town as Elizabeth stared over the yachts railing. She loved to watch the waves crash against the boat and the sound of the boats motor humming.

Elizabeth thought back to when they first arrived in Italy...


Sorrento, Italy - Airport

“Benvenuto in Italia ” the Chauffeur said.

“Jason...what did he say?” Elizabeth asked.

“Welcome to Italy” Jason answered with a slight chuckle.

“Don't you make fun of me Morgan.” Elizabeth sternly replied.

“Sorry Webber, I just thought after all those Learn How To Speak Italian tapes you listened to....” Jason stated with a grin.

“Come on let's get going to the villa, I have a surprise for you.” Jason said with a slight grin on his face.

“Jason, you know how much I hate surprises.” Elizabeth groaned.


“Mrs. Morgan, you seem to be a million miles away. What are you thinking about?” Jason asked while tucking his wife’s hair behind her ear and nibbling at her neck.

“I was just thinking about our arrival to this beautiful city.” Elizabeth said moaning from Jason sensual kisses.

“The look on your face when you saw your surprise...” Jason whispered in her ear.


Elizabeth and Jason arrived at the villa overlooking the city below. Jason had asked for the Empire Room which featured a large marble tub, a dressing area with an enclosed stone shower, walk-in closet and a king-size platform bed surrounded by glass windows.

As Elizabeth began to place her belongings in the dresser she noticed movement on the terrace. She started to walk towards the doors leading to the terrace, when the doors suddenly flew open. A blonde hair, blue eye little boy came running in the room.

“Mommy, Mommy..” Jake yelled.

“Hey pumpkin.” Elizabeth said while swooping up her youngest son.

“Mommy...you said you wouldn't call me that anymore.” Jake said while pouting.

“I'm sorry. What are you doing here and where is your brother?” Elizabeth asked setting him back to the floor.

“Camren is having brekfas wif granma still.” Jake replied.

Elizabeth stood in bewilderment, she had no idea what was going on. All she knew was the fact that she was in Italy with Jason. At some point Monica had brought Cameron and Jake to Italy but she had no idea why until she turned around.

Jason had walked back into the bedroom while Elizabeth was standing there in a daze. He waved Jake to come over to him and placed a small black box in his hands. He whispered in Jake's ear and Jake nodded that he understood.

“Jason, what's going...” Elizabeth started to ask.

Jake was down on one knee with the small black box placed in the palm of his tiny hands. Elizabeth was in total shock.

“Mommy...will you marry my daddy?” Jake asked.

Elizabeth raised her eyes and they locked on Jason. Jason took the box out of Jake's hands and opened it to reveal a 18K White Gold Aquamarine diamond engagement ring. Jason took the ring from its compartment and gently reached for Elizabeth's hand.

“I'm not really good with words and I know I have asked you this 3 times before. I pray to God I'm doing this right this time.” Jason could barely squeak out as his voice began to shake.

“I know that I want to wake up and fall asleep in your arms everyday, I know that I want you to be the only mother of my children. There is no one else in this world I want to be with.” “Will you marry me?” Jason asked while kneeling on bended knee.

“Yes.” “Yes, Jason I will marry you.” Elizabeth answered pulling him up and kissing him deeply.

Jason placed the ring on Elizabeth finger and kissed her hand. He looked into her eyes and he saw his past, present and future.


“That was some surprise. I still have no idea how you got our family to Italy without me knowing anything.” Elizabeth said while turning to face Jason.

“I can't believe you finally said yes. I had only asked you 3 times. As for getting our family here I do have connections.” Jason stated looking into her eyes.

“Jason, now you and I both know why I said no before.” Elizabeth replied playfully swatting him on his arm.

“I know, I know.” Jason said.

Jason and Elizabeth stayed in each others arms just like they had on their wedding day. The memories of that night came flooding back to them.


Monica insisted that Elizabeth start to look at dresses to get an idea of what she might want. Elizabeth only agreed because Monica told her they would only be looking. They had been in several boutiques and nothing had caught the artist's eye. Until, she saw a dress in a window front across the street.

“Monica, I think I see one I really like.” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“That's just wonderful dear, let's go over and try it on.” Monica suggested.

Elizabeth and Monica entered the boutique and informed the clerk that they wanted to try on the dress in the window. Elizabeth tried the dress on and it fit her to a T. There was no need to make any changes.

“I really do like it, but it's so expensive and Jason and I just got engaged I don't know when we will get married.” Elizabeth told Monica.

“You know as well I do, money is no object when my son is involved.” Monica said giving Elizabeth that all knowing look.

“Well it was fun, I really should check on the kids.” Elizabeth said.

“Ok, I have a call to make as well.” Monica replied.

Meanwhile across town Jason and the boys were being fitted for their wedding attire. Jason just hoped that she wouldn't be mad at him for planning this entire thing without her input. Before Jason could dwell on his choices any further his cell phone rang.

“Morgan.” Jason stated.

“Hey Morgan, it's Webber.” Elizabeth chuckled. “Are the boys behaving and where are you?”

“Yea, we're fine. Cameron and Jake are getting gelatos from the vendor.” Jason answered.

“Ok, but you never answered my question about where you are.” Elizabeth stated knowing he was up to something.

“Hey Cam, Jake don't do that, Elizabeth I gotta go. I love you. Bye.” Jason said rushing off the phone.

“What in the world?” Elizabeth asked herself.


Elizabeth walked into her villa and stopped dead in her tracks. Her grandmother Audrey was standing in the middle of the room with the dress she tried on earlier in her arms. Audrey smiled at her granddaughter admiring the woman who took on the world to be with the man she loved.

“Elizabeth, my dear. We are running late.” Audrey informed her.

“Gram? What are...late for what?” Elizabeth asked.

“Your wedding.” Audrey said with tears in her eyes.


Jason had planned everything, well Sonny helped of course. Jason knew nothing about flowers and small details needed to pull off a wedding in 24 hours. The sun was just beginning to set, the waves were crashing against the rocks below.

Jason was standing underneath the archway in his cream slacks and white laced shirt. Jason had asked Spinelli to be his best man weeks ago. So there he stood next to Jason proudly, thankful that he was a part of a real family.

Two violinists began to play “Come Away With Me” as Jake appeared carrying a pillow with the rings. Jason still couldn't believe this was finally happening.

When Elizabeth arrived at the cliffs she was greeted by Robin, Epiphany, Kelly, Lainey and Nadine. The guys had to stay back in Port Charles but they wished her and Jason the best. Elizabeth asked Robin to be her maid of honor. Robin told her she was honored and that Emily was looking down on them and their family.

The wedding march began to play and Elizabeth appeared in a strapless white form fitting dress that slightly fanned out at the bottom. She began to walk down the aisle when she felt a small hand reach for hers. She looked down to see her oldest son Cameron.

“Mom, can I please walk you down the aisle to marry Dad?” Cameron asked.

“Cameron, I would love for you to walk me down the aisle.” Elizabeth said leaning down to place a kiss on his cheek.

As Elizabeth and Cameron walked down the aisle, she only had eyes for Jason. Her heart swelled just knowing he put all this together for her. Cameron placed his mother's hand into his father's and stood next to Spinelli and Jake.

The minister began the ceremony, Elizabeth and Jason exchanged their vows and rings. What felt like eternity only took a mere few minutes before they were announced Mr. And Mrs. Jason Morgan.


“Jason, you have made me the happiest woman in the world.” Elizabeth said to her husband.

“Elizabeth, you have made me the happiest man in the world.” Jason told his wife.

Jason began to lead Elizabeth back to their room on the yacht when Elizabeth stopped him.

“What's wrong?” Jason asked concerned.

“Nothing, I finally see that the light is truly different here and I'm glad I was blessed to see it with you.” Elizabeth said pulling Jason into a breathtaking kiss.
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