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He was running; he was running so fast that it felt like his lungs were going to burst right out of his chest. Up the stairs he sprinted, his quadriceps burning from the pain. Yet, nothing would or even could keep him from reaching his destination; he was that determined.

The smoke around him was blinding. His cerulean blue eyes beginning to tear, but the mobster knew it wasn't due to the smoke filled stairwell that was causing the salty liquid to fall from his eyes. It was the thought that he wouldn't get there in time. He had to get there. For once, he wasn't going to be too late. Not this time.

He was almost there. He could feel his heart rate begin to increase even more, the constant pounding reverberating in his ears. His goal in sight, Jason burst through the doors, entering the rooftop deck of General Hospital.

And, as his lungs took in the clearer air and his eyes adjusted to his surroundings, he felt his labored breathing start to slow, but his heart continued to pick up pace. He surveyed the crowd trying to find the one person he sought. The enforcer kept searching. He caught a glimpse of Carly, Patrick, Nadine, Olivia, Kate, Claudia, Sam, Sonny, everyone he didn’t want to see, and, then, finally, his eyes focused on the one person he desired to find. There she was looking more beautiful to him than ever before. However, the relief he felt didn’t last long, because, the next thing he knew, Jason was reigning in his jealousy as he watched another man hold her tight, giving her the comfort and strength she so needed and deserved.

She was going to be evacuated; his Elizabeth was going to be safe, and the joy he felt over that fact was overwhelming. The longing to just touch her was unbearable; it was aching away at him and paralyzing his movements. She hadn't seen him yet, but he hoped that the woman he loved could sense his presence. He needed her to know that he was there and ready to finally fight for her and their family.

But, then, everything around him just stopped, and Jason lost all control over his breathing as he observed what was happening before his very eyes. Lucky was bending down to kiss Elizabeth. It was then that it hit him like a lightning bolt. He was too late. She was already lost to him, and he had no one to blame but himself.

It felt like an anvil had just fallen onto his chest. The pain was unbearable. How could he fight for her now? Consumed with the loss he felt, Jason turned to go, but, as he shifted to leave, he saw out of the corner of his eye Elizabeth gently but firmly place her delicate hands on Lucky's chest and push him away. It was all Jason needed to spur him in to action.

Before being sensible or selfless could even enter his mind, Jason yelled with all the strength his smoked filled lungs could muster, hoping beyond hope she would hear him. "ELIZABETH!" The sound that came out of his mouth was guttural, desperate, chilling in its sheer intensity.

He watched as her gaze moved from Lucky's towards his own, and his already elevated heart rate increased tenfold. He observed her beautiful, sapphire orbs open wide in recognition, each of them seeing the love they felt for one another, the love that was now openly showcased for all on the roof top deck to witness.

Then, without hesitation, Jason watched as the blanket that had been wrapped around her petite frame cascaded down to the ground as she broke free of Lucky's grasp and began running towards him. Needing no encouragement, Jason sprinted to meet her. And, in the instant they came together, they embraced so forcefully, it was as if they both feared that one moment in each other’s arms could very well be the last time they would ever be together. Neither of them ever wanted to let go.

His strong, muscular arms wrapped around her tiny waist as her trim, toned, slender arms encircled around his neck. Pulling her flush with his body, Jason wasn't sure how either of them were capable of breathing, for they were holding each other so tightly, yet, the mob king knew that, no matter what happened next, he was truly happy in that one, blissful moment in time. Elizabeth was alive and in his arms, and, to him, everything was perfect. There was no biotoxin threat, no FBI agent breathing down his neck, no fire; just him and Elizabeth, the way it was supposed to be, the way it always should have been, and, if he had anything to say about it, the way it would be from that moment on. It – she - was all he needed.

Slightly pulling away so he could see her beautiful face, Jason took his large, calloused hands and began running them through her silky, chestnut hair, and touching her beautiful, angelic face. Then he cupped her now glowing cheeks and raised her cornflower blue eyes to meet his own, tenderly stroking his thumbs back and forth along her cheekbones.

There was no noise around them; all they heard was their own labored breathing that engulfed the two formerly separated lovers and held them so close together. Ever so slowly, their faces leaned towards one another, and their lips met in a kiss that very well could have melted the blizzarding snow falling around them if given the chance to progress any farther. There was nothing sweet or gentle about their embrace; it was forceful, hard, and all consuming, passionate and fiery as they both craved the others lips, welcoming the taste that they never thought they would experience again.

Jason ravaged Elizabeth's plump, delicious mouth, plunging his tongue to tangle with hers, and Elizabeth met him stroke for stroke, yearning for more and relishing in the feel and taste of the man that held her heart in his powerful yet capable and deserving hands. Jason was there, with her. She could feel his strength and knew everything was going to be alright.

Breaking free of their kiss for some much needed air, Jason continued to tenderly stroke her cheeks, and, even though the smarting smoke from the fire had filled his lungs earlier, leaving him with little ability to speak, he couldn't hold back with words any longer.

"I love you, Elizabeth,” he rasped out, his tone deeper, rougher, and scratchy from the smoke he had been inhaling all evening. “I love you so much. I am never, ever going to let you go. Never again," the mobster promised her as if he was seeking to reassure the both of them.

Finding her own voice, Elizabeth, still affected by the symptoms of the biotoxin, whispered, her voice grating under the strain on her vocal chords and tender throat, "I love you, too, Jason.” After a brief coughing spell, she admitted earnestly, “all I want - all I have ever wanted - is to be with you."

After the injured nurse’s declaration, their lips met in another ardent, violently intense kiss, neither caring who was around to witness the love the two of them shared, because all they had, in the moment, were eyes for each other.

Pulling away slowly from their kiss, Jason brought Elizabeth's body to his in a very protective yet possessive embrace, whispering into her ear and sending shivers down her spine, "I promise you, when this is over, we will be a family. Nothing is going to keep us apart ever again."

And, then, he tenderly kissed her forehead and felt her relax and sink further into his embrace.

The two reunited lovers then watched as Jax successfully landed the police helicopter onto the roof of General Hospital for the second time. After successfully delivering Monica, Tracy, and Edward to the medical personal waiting below on the ground to escort all the injured and poisoned to nearby Mercy Hospital, the international entrepreneur had returned for another rescue mission.

Not able to release her just yet, Jason escorted Elizabeth to the helicopter, and, as the couple passed Lucky, Jason gave him a ‘stone cold’ glare, daring him to challenge his rightful position by Elizabeth's side. Waiting as first Claudia entered and then Kate, for they, too, had been exposed to the toxin and needed medical attention, Jason then assisted Elizabeth up into the awaiting helicopter, buckling her in. After making sure that she was safe and secure, he placed his lips to hers in a sweet, gentle caress, pulling back before either could deepen the kiss and whispered softly, "we'll be together soon." Then, he entwined their fingers and kissed both of her hands, lingering his lips on the ring finger of her left hand as he gazed into her eyes, leaving no doubt of his intentions. "I promise."

Elizabeth quickly took her shaking hands and soothingly cupped his cheeks between them. Staring into Jason's now watering eyes, Elizabeth felt the tears begin to pool in her own midnight orbs and firmly told him, "we will be waiting; your family will be waiting for you."

Stepping back so that the helicopter could take off, Jason released their hands only when it was absolutely necessary, neither yet able to break either the smoldering gaze the two held with the other or the connection they felt in that moment. And, as the helicopter took off, the couple simultaneously mouthed 'I love you' to each other.

Despite the fact that the helicopter had taken off, that Elizabeth was just mere seconds from safety, and despite the fact that they had finally agreed to be together as a family, the danger and complications be damned, Jason suddenly felt as though something was wrong. Turning back around to follow the descending airborne vehicle with his eyes, he watched in horror as the helicopter began to spin dangerously out of control, caught in the raging wind that was brought on by the late winter blizzard assaulting their waterside town. Before he could react, before he could move, before he could even scream in either warning or fright, the mob boss, father, and soon-to-be husband watched as both the helicopter and the woman he loved who was inside of the aircraft plummeted to the ground below, crashing into intense and powerful flames.

The blonde wasn't sure, but he thought he heard Carly scream out for Jax, but his own world had just turned to black, so, really, even if she had, it just didn’t matter anymore. Nothing did, and, as he slumped down into the rapidly accumulating snow, he wondered if anything ever would again.

Jason highly doubted it.
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