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Valentine's Day 2009

A strong gust of wind ripped through the air as Elizabeth exited the New York hotel she and Lucky had, only hours ago, checked in to for their romantic Valentine Day's weekend in the city. And, as the budding, young artist raised her graceful hands to tighten the scarf around her neck as well as the collar of her wool coat, pulling it closer to her slight figure, shielding her from the cold, frigid air, she couldn't help but exhale a huge sigh. If anyone had been observing the young woman carefully, they would have noticed the loneliness and sorrow that was showcased within her beautiful sapphire eyes. And, as Elizabeth surveyed her surroundings, her sorrow only intensified as she remembered vividly how the hustle and bustle of New York City used to send chills of excitement up and down her petite frame, how going to art galleries, museums, and Broadway shows used to be her escape. Now, all she wanted to do was escape those memories, because, as she stood there, on the streets of New York City, all her recollections were only filled with sadness and despair at the love she lost one year ago that very day.

Shaking her head, willing her anguish to disappear, Elizabeth took a deep breath and quickly made a resolution within the depths of her soul that she would only focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative.

With that thought in mind, the petite brunette gave herself a resolute nod and glanced down at her engagement ring. A small, reflective smile formed on her lips but did not truly reach the depths of her eyes as she thought about her fiancé. Lucky was everything she could have hoped for in a partner. He was kind and thoughtful. I mean, he did plan this entire romantic weekend, thinking how happy I would be to come back to New York City, the same weekend we got engaged last year, the young woman reflected. So, when Lucky last night had told his fiancée that he had scheduled some business meetings to, as he liked to put it, 'kill one bird with two stones,' she tried her best to not get upset. But that little decision put her in the predicament she now found herself: alone in New York City with only her melancholy thoughts to keep her company. Berating herself yet again for where her mind had wandered, Elizabeth tried to remember that not all her memories of New York City were awful; in fact, some of them were down right glorious.

February 7, 2008, 1 week before Valentine's Day, 1 year ago:

Why Elizabeth thought coming to Macy's on a Saturday afternoon the week before Valentine's Day was a good idea escaped her at this very instant, especially as she continued to be pushed and pulled, bumped and groped as she searched in vain for the perfect Valentine's gift for Lucky. She contently sighed as she thought about Lucky. She still had to pinch herself constantly to convince herself that this wonderful man was real, that she, Elizabeth Imogene Webber, could have met such a sweet, patient, and caring guy. The two young lovers had been going out for almost a year, and, even though they hadn't officially consummated their commitment yet, Elizabeth, in her heart, knew that it was only a matter of time before they moved towards the next level in their relationship.

Lost in her thoughts, Elizabeth was literally knocked off her feet as she ran into what felt like a brick wall. Mortified by her absentmindedness, the petite brunette hadn't even looked up to inspect what she had run into, hoping she hadn't knocked over some gaudy but careful constructed store display. So, imagine her complete embarrassment, when the young artist finally did look up and found the most captivating, gorgeous pair of blue eyes gazing down at her. All conscious thought immediately dissipated from her mind, and Elizabeth didn't even recall breathing let alone speaking until this soft, sexy, calming voice broke her from her reverie.

"Are you okay?" was all she heard. But it was enough to wake her from her daydream and remind her that she had just fallen on her butt in front of the most attractive man she had ever seen. A deep rose colored blush quickly formed on her angelic, round cheeks.

Trying to remain calm, Elizabeth brushed off some imaginary dirt from her jean clad thighs and went to push herself up from the floor, but, before she could finish the task, she felt two very strong, very powerful yet extremely gentle hands reach down, grasp her smaller and more delicate ones in his own, and guide her to her feet. Once upright, Elizabeth barely remembered breathlessly saying, "thank you." Yet, she did remember the bolt of electricity that flowed through her body as soon as he had carefully touched her hands.

The gentleman in question just nodded his head, released his hold, and shifted his hands to the two front pockets of his jeans, all the while examining her from head to toe to truly assess if she was alright. Once satisfied that the young woman was fine, the gentleman turned to leave.

Elizabeth realized, as she watched this man turn to go, that, for unexplainable reason, she wanted to maintain, no, needed to maintain this irrational connection she had already begun to feel with this stranger. So, without any forethought, she reached out and gently touched his forearm, immediately stopping him in his tracks.

And, as he pivoted towards her again, quietly questioning her actions, the brunette blurted out the only thing she could think to say. "Uh, I... I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Watching him smirk in a very sexy half grin, Elizabeth felt that deep rose colored blush again appear on her angelic, round cheeks. Yet, the good-looking male before her continued to remain silent, so Elizabeth did what she did best: the young artist began to ramble.

"Well, if I did, I'm really sorry. I… I know I should have been looking where I was going..., but I was so deep in thought.... I'm looking for a gift, and, well, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going…, and…" It was then that she felt his large yet very comforting hand touch her arm, instantly gaining her attention and stopping her mid-sentence.

Then, this pair of amazing, light blue eyes lowered to connect with her own dark blue orbs and she heard, "breathe. I'm fine." Smirking again, the handsome stranger then said, "if you would like, you can take a look for yourself and see that I am okay." Holding his arms upward and out to his side, granting Elizabeth a very pleasing view of the biggest, broadest chest she had ever seen, he patiently waited for her to examine him. Biting her plush, bottom lip as she stared at the man's chest before her, she realized, yeah, that so must have been what I ran in to.

"Well, okay,… as long as you're alright." She sighed as she got the words out, because, for some unknown reason, she didn't want this conversation to end and knew now that it most likely would. Lowering her head, the pretty brunette was unable to hide the disappointment she was experiencing. But, then, she quickly jerked her head upright as she heard the words that would forever change the course of her life.

"Would you like to go get a drink?"

Valentine's Day 2009

Damn Sonny Corinthos and his stupid meeting in the city was all Jason Morgan could think as he rushed down the streets of New York, the wind and cold not even a thought in his mind. Why the kingpin of Port Charles had to pick today of all days to call a meeting with the Five Families, in the city, was a mystery to Jason. But Jason knew never to question the don's motives. Yet, it didn't prevent the stoic mob enforcer from expressing his displeasure at the circumstances he found himself in at this moment, for the burly blonde hated being back in New York City, especially today.

Time usually meant nothing to this mobster, but not even he could forget what today was and what this day meant to him. Had it really only been year since his heart had shattered into a million pieces? Unfortunately, the young male nodded to himself. Yeah, it had. And the kicker was it had been a meeting, just like the one tonight, that had set things in motion twelve months prior, things that would forever change the course of his life. Elizabeth Imogene Webber had exited his life as quickly as she had entered it, but the feelings he had felt for the brunette beauty had never gone away, not entirely. In fact, they only seemed to fester and grow with each passing day. And the worst part was that the enforcer could still vividly recall every wonderful and memorable detail of their first encounter. She was impossible for him to completely let go of… even now.

February 7, 2008, 1 week before Valentine's Day, 1 year ago:

Jason Morgan was never a man who questioned his actions, but today all that changed, because, for the life of him, he had no idea why he was in Macy's on a Saturday afternoon the week before Valentine's Day. Oh wait, he did remember, and that recollection caused him to sigh loudly as he thought about Sam, his unfortunate reason.

She had been hinting for over a week now about this one date: February 14Th, about how romantic Valentine's Day was going to be now that his business plans had changed. Oh, and, if the innuendos about the gift she had bought him weren't bad enough to drive him crazy, the mobster then had to deal with the discreet references she had been making all week on the gift she was expecting from him. It wasn't like they didn't have fun, but they had been dating for less than six months, and Jason Morgan knew their relationship was just as casual now as it had been the day they had met. Unfortunately, Sam had other opinions on where their relationship was going. The mob enforcer wasn't exactly sure what had given her the impression they were getting serious, but, to keep the waterworks at a minimum, Jason found himself in one of the few places he hated to be, a department store, looking for an appropriate Valentine's Day gift, one that would keep Sam and Jason both happy at the same time.

As he continued to search in vain for the said gift, the burly blonde, all of a sudden, felt this small, petite frame collide right into him. Initially annoyed with the unexpected interruption, his reaction quickly shifted to pure amazement as Jason found himself looking down upon a true angel. Never in his short but eventful life had this man ever seen anything so beautiful: chocolate brown hair cascading in waves down her slender but captivating frame and skin as translucent and glowing as the moon on a crisp, clear night. If Jason could have seen her eyes, he knew in his heart they would be as stunning as the image that had already been bestowed upon him. And, in seconds, those thoughts were confirmed when the object before him raised her heart shaped face to look his way, and Jason found himself gazing into the most striking blue eyes he had ever seen.

As Jason openly stared at the gorgeous woman before him, a sweet, innocent blush began to form on her already rosy cheeks, and the usually emotionless mob enforcer felt his breath catch, and he realized he would never forget the image of her right in that moment. Finally acknowledging the fact that the young lady had fallen hard to the ground, the blond finally asked the brunette beauty if she was okay. When she didn't respond but immediately tried to get up, Jason quickly took the opportunity to reach down and touch her, to, not only, in some way, make sure she was actually real, but to also find out for himself if her skin felt as soft as it looked, and damn if it wasn't.

Instantly, he felt a connection he was unable to discern, but, not being one to talk to strangers, Jason, after verifying she was okay, reluctantly turned to leave. But then he felt this small, delicate hand touch his arm, and he knew immediately that he wasn't going anywhere without her.

Valentine's Day 2009

Elizabeth could still remember where they had gone to get that drink: a small place called Serendipity. It was crowded, even for New York standards, but in some ways it was more intimate then anyplace she had ever been. And the young artist knew why. It was the feeling she got from being in the presence of Jason Morgan. Yes, Elizabeth finally learned the name of the gorgeous stranger before her as they had walked to their destination. The name fit him, simple yet strong and confident. But the day didn't end with coffee and hot chocolate. The two new friends spent the day wandering around New York City together, challenging each other to come up with places neither one had been to. Elizabeth took Jason to obscure, out of the way art galleries, explaining what each painting was trying to tell its audience, and Jason took Elizabeth to hidden historical museums, enlightening her to unknown history of New York City. The petite brunette had never laughed or smiled so brightly in one day as she had that afternoon. And, in the back of her mind, she knew it had been the same for Jason as well.

As the day had come to a close, they both silently knew that they wanted to see each other again. It was when Jason had turned to face her outside Macy's, returning to the place of their unexpected encounter, Elizabeth had felt the butterflies explode in her stomach, a part of her wanting him to kiss her, knowing how wrong that was, and another part of her scared to death that he would and what such an action would mean. But the blonde only asked if she would meet him again the next day, and Elizabeth had readily said yes, thinking nothing sounded better than spending all of Sunday in New York City with Jason Morgan.

It continued that same way between them until their third day together. That was the day Jason had met her in front of Macy's on the biggest motorcycle she had ever seen. Initially frightened of the massive machinery before her, the young artist had warily approached the mob enforcer. But, once Jason smiled and handed her his helmet, all fear evaporated as quickly as it had formed. Climbing up behind the impressive man, pressing her body against his strong, muscular frame and wrapping her delicate arms around his waist as he sped off down the streets of New York City, Elizabeth had never felt more alive or free in her entire life.

It was that day that they had shared their first kiss. The young pair had driven out of the city, about 50 miles north along the west side of the Hudson River, to Bear Mountain State Park. There, they found few people, allowing, for the first time, for them to be pretty much alone, no one wishing to explore the great outdoors in the middle of February. They hiked for a couple of hours before resting at a picturesque overlook which allowed for an expansive and exquisite view of the Hudson River. Sitting down on a large boulder to rest their tired legs, Jason had wrapped his muscular arms around Elizabeth's slight frame to keep her warm. It was then when he had turned to watch her as she took in their surroundings. Overcome with emotion, Elizabeth shifted her face towards his, and, before either one could stop themselves, they lowered their mouths, meeting half way for the most passionate, mind consuming kiss either had ever felt.

Nothing could have prepared Elizabeth for the sensations that were coursing through her tiny body. The kiss had became more heated as their tongues dueled for control, their hands started to roam each other's bodies, and Elizabeth pressed her slight form even closer to Jason's, eventually ending up straddling his lap. Both, though, ended the kiss simultaneously, acknowledging this was not the place or time to take their growing passion any further. The young man and woman knew that they were still technically attached to other people, and they agreed that, until they were both free, their actions would go no further. Yet, that did not keep the two from continuing to see each other whenever they could.

So, on the day before Valentine's Day, Elizabeth and Jason just knew they were it for each other, and they didn't want to wait any longer to be together. It was then that the young couple agreed to meet the following night, on Valentine's Day, at the Empire State Building after breaking up with their current significant others. It was understood, though, that, if either one did not show up, it meant that the other was committed to their present relationship and wished to part ways.

Elizabeth had gotten caught at work and wasn't able to talk to Lucky before her appointed time to meet Jason. Knowing she just couldn't be late, the young artist decided she would explain things to Lucky after they had met, because nothing was going to keep her from Jason any longer. But, in the end, Jason hadn't shown. Elizabeth had waited for hours for him to come, but he never did. Heartbroken and devastated, the petite brunette had left to meet Lucky for dinner with the knowledge that Jason had never felt the same way for her as she had him.

His decision, by not coming, had been made, and Elizabeth needed to accept it and move on, so, when Lucky ended up proposing that night at dinner, Elizabeth had accepted, rationalizing she really did have feelings for Lucky and knew, as they continued to grow together, she could be happy with a life with him. And, not only had he surprised her with a ring, but a week long getaway to Jamaica as well, which they had left for right after dinner. On their trip, Lucky had explained to Elizabeth that he had accepted a job in Port Charles and couldn't wait to start their life together there. Wanting nothing more to do with New York City anymore, Elizabeth quickly agreed to move as soon as they returned.

Now, on her first return trip back to New York City since that night, Elizabeth realized she needed to go back to the Empire State Building, to face what had happen and have closure so she could truly move forward with her life. Finally coming up with a destination for her afternoon, the young artist raised her hand to hail a cab and face her demons. Seeing one slowly come to a halt a block away, Elizabeth ran to catch it.


Breaking himself out of his musings, Jason accepted the fact that he had never truly gotten over Elizabeth Webber. He recalled those days leading up to Valentine's Day as the greatest ones he had ever and probably will ever experience. The first time he kissed her was nothing he could have ever imagined, and he had pictured it since the moment they had met. As he raised his hand to touch his lips, he recalled just how soft and plush hers were. In all of his experiences, and there were many, nothing had felt as good as kissing the beautiful brunette who had captured his heart with one look. If kissing her had been so magical, he could only fantasize about what making love to her would have been like. But that had never happened, for, as quickly as she had captured his heart, she had crushed it as well.

Jason remembered how he had rushed to meet her, knowing that he was going to be terribly late. Why, of all nights, did he need to get caught in a shootout and then get arrested? It was beyond his control, but he still hated the consequences of the evening's less than planned events. All he could do was wait, handcuffed to a chair, praying that his lawyer could get him out of jail as soon as possible. And she had only it had been too late by that point.

By the time Jason had reached the Empire State Building, the observation deck was closed, and Elizabeth was nowhere to be found. The mob enforcer had looked everywhere he could possibly think she might be. They had never exchanged phone numbers, and he had no idea where she lived. They had always met at obscure places, wishing to keep their clandestine meetings between themselves as long as possible.

Jason hadn't wanted his mob life to touch Elizabeth and, therefore, had never expanded upon what he did for a living. So, when he became desperate to find the woman who had stolen his heart, the enforcer did the only thing he could do: he called Stan, Sonny's computer tech genius, to track her down. Stan had located Elizabeth's apartment, but, when Jason arrived, it was empty, and the landlord had no forwarding address. Later that week, Jason saw Elizabeth's engagement notice in the New York Post, and the usually calm, stoic mob enforcer exploded in a fit of rage, wishing never to feel that kind of pain again, the gut wrenching kind, the kind that felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest.

He hadn't believed it at first, but there it was in black and white. Elizabeth had made her decision. Most likely, she had never gone to the Empire State Building in the first place. Trying desperately to keep his anger in check, Jason quickly called Sonny and asked for an out of country assignment, needing to leave the states immediately. Sonny complied with Jason's request, asking questions but getting no real answers. And Jason hadn't returned until today.

Knowing he had some time before his scheduled meeting, Jason decided that, as he looked up and saw the Empire State Building peaking high up in the sky, he needed to face what had happened a year ago and put to rest all the emotions he has tried to keep buried deep within his soul.

His destination decided upon, Jason realized he didn't have enough time to walk, so he raised his hand to hail a cab. Seeing one stop a block away across the street, the muscular blonde ran to catch it.

And, as he opened the cab door and sat down on the back seat, ready to call out his destination, the mob enforcer looked up to see the opposite passenger door open, and a petite brunette proceed to enter and take claim to his cab. Both not wishing to relinquish their mode of transportation, each in a hurry, they called out simultaneously, "The Empire State Building."

Their faces turned towards each other, and their gazes met, dark blue on light blue, and both Elizabeth Imogene Webber and Jason Morgan knew again, for a second time, that their lives were never going to be the same again.
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