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Prompt: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Elizabeth was so excited. It was Christmas Eve, her most favorite night of the year. She loved everything about Christmas, the pretty lights, the music, and especially, the decorating of the Christmas tree. Thinking about decorating the tree, at the local Children's Shelter tonight, had helped get her through her holiday doldrums. She had been working so hard at the hospital that she hadn't been able to visit her favorite place in the last two months.

Usually, the young nurse would have been at the shelter at least two or three nights a week, helping to get the place ready for Christmas. It was what the brunette did every year after Thanksgiving; but since graduating from Nursing school last spring, Elizabeth was finding it harder and harder to get there to volunteer. With co-workers taking off for the holidays and more emergencies from the cold and icy conditions, she had been worried she wouldn't be able to get there at all. Yet, here she was, driving in her beat up Toyota, across town, to enjoy one of her most cherished Christmas traditions.

The main living area would be decorated with lights all around the room. Epiphany, the head administrator, would make sure there was a roaring fire. Stockings, for all the children, would be carefully positioned along the huge mantel that adorned the fireplace, each stocking waiting to be stuffed when the little ones went to bed. Popcorn would be popped, ready to be strung, and hung around the tree. Paper, scissors and glue would be waiting for Elizabeth and her little helpers to construct paper chains that would adorn the beautiful tree that was donated every year by Jasper Jax. Lastly, Santa would be sitting in his chair, with children lined up, to receive their Christmas presents. Elizabeth loved that part. She adored being a Santa's elf, assisting in the task at hand, eagerly watching as each child squealed with delight, thankful for the gifts they did receive. Many had no home or parents to speak of, and the brunette's heart went out to these young boys and girls, who at a tender age, had learned all about disappointment. There was no disappointment tonight, just pure delight in the little things children were most thankful to have.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth would return to enjoy her second favorite Christmas tradition, joining everyone, adults and children, for a traditional Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings. Another special treat that was also donated by Jasper Jax.

When the young nurse finally arrived, it was later than she wished, but thankful she had made it at all. Entering the parking lot that was located in the back of the building, Elizabeth was surprised to see how many cars were there. She was curious if some local celebrity was making a special appearance. It didn't surprise her though, that she wouldn't know, for she had been missing in action these past few months.

As Elizabeth entered, she could feel the excitement permeating throughout the building. Her body started to tingle as she closed her eyes and took in her surroundings, from the smell of popcorn in the air to the feel of heat emanating from the roaring fire, and the sounds of little voices singing some of her most cherished Christmas carols. As the brunette opened her eyes and took in the scene before her, she saw there were a lot of people milling about, mostly women, lots of women, scantily dressed women. Who knew an elf costume could look so provocative. Elizabeth looked down and examined her own outfit, and suddenly felt very inadequate in her high neck, long sleeve red velvet elf dress, but then she shook her head and came to her senses. Tonight was not about her and how she was dressed, it was about the children at the Shelter and giving them a Christmas they would never forget. That being said it still didn't abate her curiosity as to why there were so many barely dressed women at tonight's festivities. With that thought in mind the young nurse set out to find the one person who could answer her questions, Epiphany.

Spotting her cantankerous boss, Elizabeth headed that way, trying not to be annoyed as blond and brunette bimbos bumped into her without even an "excuse me" as they kept on their merry way.

Reaching her destination, the petite brunette couldn't help but smile as she watched the elderly woman carefully place ornaments around the tree, while being directed by five very excited toddlers. For all her bluster, Epiphany really did have a soft spot for all the children at the Shelter, even the troubled ones.

As Elizabeth tapped Epiphany on the shoulder to get her attention, she asked, "What's going on here tonight. Did you manage to snag some big celebrity to participate in this year's celebration," wiggling her eyebrows, "like Woody Harrelson per Se?"

The elder woman eyed her like she was crazy, "Woody Harrelson, are you kidding me. What kind of eggnog have you been drinking girl?"

Elizabeth just laughed, knowing that would get a reaction from her boss. But than asked, again, "Seriously Epiphany, what's going on?"

All she got from the older woman was a big loud, "Hmph."

"Okayyy,.... well that answers everything."

Just as Elizabeth turned to go and round up the kids for paper chain duty, she heard Epiphany say, "You really haven't met the new mechanic down the road, who is doing double duty by offering his services as a handyman for this place."

The brunette eyed her curiously and said, "Uh no. Thankfully, my car seems to be doing okay right now. So I haven't needed any work done on it recently. Why?"

Epiphany just smiled at the younger girl and said as she moved away, "No reason."

Elizabeth just shrugged her shoulders and headed over to say hi to Santa.

"What's happening big red?" the petite brunette said as she smiled and bent down to give Santa a kiss on the cheek.

Squeezing the young woman's hand Santa replied, "Elizabeth, so glad you could make it. I wasn't sure if we would see you tonight."

"Oh Santa, you know me, I just have to make a grand entrance."

Santa's belly started to shake as he laughed and said, "Ho ho ho, little one, but now that you are here I am going to put you to work. Would you mind going and fetching me a glass of water from the kitchen?"

Elizabeth just smiled and said, "No problem Santa. I'll be right back."

Again, the petite brunette had to weave in and out and around some very rude and obnoxious "females" to reach the kitchen door. Many of them seemed to be hovered around said door waiting for something to happen. Elizabeth thought didn't these girls realize that Santa is over there, and not here. Rolling her eyes, she deemed, there really is no accounting for brains and big boobs.

Just as she entered through the kitchen door she heard some of the girls whispering, "He's here to see me you idiot." Then, "No he's going to be going home with me, so you should just start packing it in now." Then Elizabeth bristled as she heard, "Who does that bimbo think she is, he's never going to notice her in that getup."

Forging on, Elizabeth tried not to let what those "tramps" said bother her, which ended up being a hell of a lot easier, as she lost all conscious thought when she entered the kitchen. For in front of her, lying underneath the kitchen sink, trying to fix a leaky pipe, was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He was an aberration. He had to be. For Elizabeth Webber had never seen anything so perfect in her entire life.

The young nurse wasn't able to see his face clearly, but his body, now that, was a different story. His thighs seems to bulge, underneath his low riding jeans with every slight movement he made, and his forearms, his muscular forearms rippled with each turn of the wrench he held. His powerful arms easily visible due to the sleeves of his probably once cleanly pressed button down shirt being rolled up to his elbows. Finishing his task, the man, raised up from his supine position to stand and noticed that he had company. Elizabeth then saw that the Adonis in front of her had wheat colored hair, trimmed nicely to accentuate his chiseled features and bold chin. But what really took her breath away was his eyes, the intensity and the color so clear and blue that she thought she could see herself drowning in them, before even knowing his name.

Not realizing she was still staring, all of a sudden Elizabeth heard a deep, yet, soft voice say, "Nice hat."

Embarrassed beyond belief for getting caught ogling this man, and now, seeing him smirk the most beautiful full lips she had ever come in contact with..... well, not really contact with, but noticed. Ugh, I am making a complete full of myself she thought. Quickly, Elizabeth reached up and pulled the hat off her head trying to remember what exactly was on her head. Feeling the velvet caress her palms, the young nurse nervously laughed and said, "Well, it is part of being an elf."

Elizabeth then thought, god, what an idiot I sound like.

Again, she heard that deep, soft voice of her aberration speak, his voice sounding even more masculine the second time around, causing her stomach to flutter in a way it never had, "Well, don't take it off on my account. I think it looks adorable."

Adorable, she thought, great this Adonis, thinks I look adorable.

Elizabeth then watched as the blond whipped his hands clean with a wet rag, throw it in an old tool box that was sitting on the floor and approach her. The Greek god then stopped in front of her, taking her elf hat from her hands and placing it tenderly back on her head saying, "Much better," then he extended one of his now empty, yet, very large hands and said, "Hi, I'm Jason Morgan."

Smiling, Elizabeth, not knowing how she managed to raise her hand and take his much larger one in her grasp said, "Nice to meet you. I'm Elizabeth....Elizabeth Webber."

"Elizabeth..., Elizabeth, I haven't seen you around here, are you new in town?"

All the brunette could think was how she loved how her name sounded coming from this man's lips. A couple seconds passed as they continued to look at each other. Then Elizabeth brought her eyes downward, not able to meet his intense gaze, realizing she hadn't answered his question, and said, "No."

When no words came again, and only silenced filled the room, Elizabeth would have wondered if the whole exchange had been a dream except for the fact that she could still feel this man's strong, warm, yet gentle grasp in her hand. Raising her eyes to assure herself he was still in front of her, the brunette saw questions in the depths of this man's magnetic cerulean blue eyes.

Realizing he expected more of an answer, the young nurse nervously smiled and said, "No,...no, I'm not new in town Mr. Morgan."

"Jason. I'd prefer if you call me Jason."

"Okay,.... Jason. I usually volunteer at the Shelter a couple times a week, but my full time job has gotten a bit chaotic because of the holidays, so I haven't had a chance to come by in a while."

Jason smiled as he watched the angel before him speak. Never had he seen anyone as beautiful as the petite woman before him. When he had heard her initially entered the room, the blond hadn't really paid much attention, thinking it was one of the many females that were present, trying to garner his attention, but when he did look all the man could do was think, did I just die and go to heaven. For this woman was absolutely stunning. And when Jason didn't think she could get any prettier, what did she go ahead and do, she took off her cute little elf hat, displaying the silkiest, softest hair he had ever seen, ringlets framing her face, and the color, a perfect chestnut to accentuate her fair, porcelain skin. Without conscious thought he had then gone over to place the hat back on her head. He would like to think it was because he was trying to be nice, but, truth be told, the blond knew it was because he really wanted to feel if it was a silky as it look, and, of course it was. Then his eyes had dipped lower to her lips, so full and pink. Jason had never been so overcome with the feeling of wanting to kiss something so bad as he did when he looked at her mouth. Plus, his name never sounded as wonderful as it did when it came from those lips.

Just as Jason was about to ask her another question, he heard someone enter the room and indignantly say, "Uh, Miss Webber, Santa is wondering where his water is. He thought maybe you had fallen in the sink and drown."

Elizabeth suddenly realized that she had totally forgotten about Santa's request for water. Embarrassed, once again, the brunette released Jason's hand, her cherubic cheeks suddenly turning an angelic rose color shade of pink, and turned to face her boss profusely apologizing for her tardiness, "Epiphany, I am so sorry, I guess I got a little distracted."

But before Epiphany could say anything, Jason, not wanting to get the younger woman in trouble, turned his attention to the older female and spoke, saying, "Epiphany, it was my fault. I was still fixing the sink when Elizabeth came in," turning to Elizabeth Jason said, "why don't you go, and get started on your "elf" duties I'll bring Santa his water."

If Elizabeth hadn't seen the gleam in his eyes and realized he was teasing, she might have been mad, but knowing that he was only having a little fun, and not wanting anything to spoil her evening, the brunette just smirked and replied, "Well, after you've finished with that Mr. Morgan, I'm sure this elf can think of some "elf duties" she might need some help with."

All Jason could do was smirk back as he watched the pretty petite brunette exit the kitchen, thinking he never thought "elf duties" would sound so good.


Elizabeth tried hard to focus. She needed to focus. She did not need to be watching Jason Morgan stroll across the room to hand Santa his glass of water, then turn and deliver a bowl of strung popcorn to anxiously awaiting children, that would soon begin placing the strings around the tree. Elizabeth needed to demonstrate to the children how to cut construction paper and glue it together to make color paper chains that would soon join the popcorn and adorn the beautiful Christmas tree in the far corner of the room. But as hard as the brunette tried not to watch, her big sapphire eyes couldn't help but unconsciously stray towards the tall, muscular blond across the way.

Jason felt warm all over but, he knew his overheated body was not because of the roaring fire going strong in the room's large fireplace. No, this heat was coming from a pair of large midnight blue, doe eyes, that were igniting a flame within him, he was sure would burn him alive. Not that he was complaining. Yet, all of sudden his body turned cold, very cold, and it was then that he realized someone had grasped his forearm trying to gain his attention.

Turning, Jason's shoulders reflexively slumped, and the blond inwardly sighed as he saw who was seeking his attention. Trying to be polite he asked, "What do you need, Sam?"

Not to be deterred by the man's obvious disinterest, the barely dressed woman, attempted to demurely rub her body across his arm, rubbing her big boobs, that were coming out of her shirt, against his broad chest. Then she pushed her lips outward, showing off, what she thought was her best pout and said, "Jayyyyson, I thought you were going to spend the evening with me."

Taking a step back, repulsed by the way Sam stroked against him, Jason rubbed his hands across his face, exasperated and said, "Sam, I don't know where you got that idea. All I did was post a sign at the garage saying Volunteers Needed on Christmas Eve at the Children's Shelter tonight. I'm sorry if you thought that was a personal invitation, but it wasn't."

Just as Jason was about to continue, he felt a small hand grab the back of his shirt and tug on it gently. Ignoring Sam's gasp of outrage as he turned to see who requested his attention, Jason bent down when he noticed it was a little brown haired, blue-eyed girl, named Erica. She had just recently joined the shelter and had formed a kinship with the older man, since he too had been new to the area.

Taking her much smaller hand within his two larger ones, Jason asked, "What do you need Erica?"

Shyly the little girl pointed her finger across the room and said, "Jason, I thought you might want to help me make paper chains over there."

The blond looked over to where Erica had pointed and saw Elizabeth leaning over to help a little boy fix the glue on his loop so his piece of the chain would stay together. His lip unintentionally lifted into a smirk as he watched the pretty brunette hug the young man when he clapped with delight because his part of the chain had stayed together.

Jason then stood, keeping one of the little girls hands within his grasp, and looked down as he waved his hand in the direction she had been designating and said, "Lead the way."

The blond turned to go, but not before he heard Sam stomp her high heeled foot and say, "Jayyyyyysoonnn."

Jason looked over his shoulder and quickly addressed the infuriating woman behind him, and said, "Look Sam, if you are not here to help out, I suggest you and any of your "friends," who aren't here to help as well, leave and celebrate your Christmas Eve elsewhere, some of us, have work to do," and with that the blond left without even a second glance.

Everyone in the room watched as several women proceeded to head out the front door all mumbling about how this is not how they had planned their evening to end up. Then the occupants in the shelter heard several screams as many of the women slipped on the icy steps outside from the snowfall that had just recently started.

Elizabeth heard Epiphany whisper under her breath, "Good riddance." Then watched as the older lady nodded towards Jason, acknowledging in her own way, a "thank you" for effectively ridding the house of unwanted guests.

Jason and Erica then joined the group of "paper chain makers" and Jason couldn't help but notice the smirk on Elizabeth's face as they approached.

Unable to help himself, Jason asked, "Something amuse you, Miss Webber?"

Gazing directly at him, her grin still completely visible Elizabeth responded, "No, Mr. Morgan, nothing at all."

Soon the group got into a rhythm, and in no time at all, managed to fabricate yards and yards of paper chain to hang around the tree. With Jason's help, wrapping the chain around his neck to keep it from getting tangled, Elizabeth and the kids efficiently hung every last piece of paper, circling the tree in bountiful colors of red, green and white.

The tree was then completed as Jasper Jax climbed the ladder to put a handmade Elizabeth Webber original snow angel on top of the tree. It had been with the shelter since Elizabeth had been volunteering at the age of seventeen, and the petite brunette always got a feeling of pride as she watched the little angel grace the top of the tree.

Once the tree was finished, and the room completely decorated, the evening was spent having Santa and his "elves" hand out presents to all the children at the Shelter. Jason admired Elizabeth, as she made her way around the room, making sure she spent time with each child, admiring their presents, and engaging them in many playful games.

Soon the evening came to a close and the kids headed off to bed, each with smiles on their faces, thinking of all the fun they had had that night.

Jason heard Epiphany tell Elizabeth to go home, that she would place the remaining gifts in the children's stockings as the snow was really starting to come down hard, and she didn't want the young nurse to get stuck out on the road. The blond watched as Elizabeth gathered her things preparing to leave, wondering when he might see her again. Then he saw her accidentally trip, spilling the contents of her bag all across the floor. The young man quickly headed over to assist the brunette in collecting her belongings.

Humiliated at her clumsiness, Elizabeth tried not to look at Jason as he helped her pick up her stuff. As their hands gently brushed together she couldn't help but look at the man before her and gaze into his beautiful blue eyes, and instantly felt the attraction that had consumed her all night.

Once all her belongings were collected, they both stood, neither knowing what to say. Then the couple heard both Santa and Epiphany say, "Uh you two are standing under the mistletoe, you do know what that means?"

Elizabeth just looked at Jason her big doe eyes growing larger as she said, "Jason, you don't really have to kiss me..."

Before she could say another word, Jason had raised his hands and encased her cherubic cheeks, silently groaning as he realized that her skin felt as soft as it looked, and then took his thumb and rubbed it along her lower lip before he lowered his face and brought his lips to hers.

As their lips met, both Jason and Elizabeth immediately felt this magnetic pull bringing them closer together. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck as his lowered and encircled her waist. Jason then heard Elizabeth moan, unraveling what little control the blond still had left. Needing no further encouragement Jason slanted his mouth to deepen the kiss and to gain better access within the recesses of her mouth. Jason slide his tongue along Elizabeth's lower lip requesting entrance and the brunette's mouth, without conscious thought, flowered open willingly deepening the kiss.

Soon the carried away couple heard someone loudly cough, breaking them out of their reverie.

Jason just smiled down at Elizabeth, showing none of the embarrassment she felt. Then after a moment he leaned down, whispering into her ear, his breath caressing her neck, sending tingles throughout her body and said, "Merry Christmas, Elizabeth."

Elizabeth smiled back and said, "Merry Christmas, Jason."

Then she left, heading home to get some sleep before she returned in the morning. But as the brunette made her way out to her car, she realized it really had snowed a lot, and it was going to take her a lot longer to get home that she had originally anticipated.

Heading out Elizabeth turned on the radio listening to Holiday music to calm herself, for even though she had grown in upstate New York, she hated driving in the snow. After about thirty minutes of driving fifteen miles per hour, the brunette all of a sudden heard her engine start to putter and then all of a sudden die.

Banging her dashboard, the young nurse said, "No, no, no.....not tonight old girl, please not tonight." Realizing ranting at the hunk of machinery would get her no where the brunette grabbed for her cell phone. As she went to call AAA she realized due to the snow storm she had no cell signal.

"Great, now what am I going to do?"

Just then, through her rear view mirror, she saw bright lights approaching. Waiting in her locked car to see who it might be, Elizabeth saw a tow truck with a plow pull up behind her. Then through her side mirror, the brunette watched as a man in jeans and a black leather jacket emerge heading towards her. Suddenly, the gentleman came into view and Elizabeth saw that it was Jason making his way to her car and all the brunette could thinks was Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.
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